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Human to Human Bird Flu transmission?

Birinyi Associates points to a Bloomberg
at 1:43pm implying Human to Human Bird Flu transmission in indonesia as
the source of the selloff.

The chart looks like that’s where the softness began; Kudos to Cumberland
Advisor’s David Kotok for flailing this issue recently when everyone had already
moved passed it . . .


UPDATE March 24, 2006 9:14am

David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors goes into more details: How Bird Flu May Have Contributed to the Stock Market Sell Off


Seven Indonesian Bird Flu Cases Linked to Patients
John Lauerman
May 23 (Bloomberg)

Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia – update 14
WHO, 23 May 2006

How Bird Flu May Have Contributed to the Stock Market Sell Off
David Kotok

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Google Maps/ mashup: Weathermole

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George Gilder: So THAT explains it

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Dark Matter Revisited

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Top US Patent Recipients for 2005

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Alaska is Melting . . .

It seems that the melting polar ice is becoming more of a concern to Alaskans than those of us in the lower 48. click for larger graphic courtesy of  Anchorage Daily News > Thank goodness there’s no Global Warming — imagine how much more of Alaska would be melting if there was! > See also:…Read More

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The “breathtaking inanity” of Intelligent Design

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Global Weather Volatility is a Strong Buy (Short UnScience)

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Avian Flu Outbreak, Affected countries

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How to Destroy the US Economy in 1 Easy Step

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