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Video: Tsunami Wipes Out Oirase, Japan Harbor

March 11 eyewitness video: In under 10 minutes, a harbor in Oirase Town, Aomori Prefecture is wiped out. A huge dry area that completely fills with water, showing just how much Ocean is moved by the Tsunami.

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Earthquake/Nuclear Accident Warnings Ignored by Japan

“In the 40 years that Japan had been building nuclear plants, seismic activity was, fortunately or unfortunately, relatively quiet. Not a single nuclear facility was struck by a big quake. The government, along with the power industry and the academic community, all developed the habit of underestimating the potential risks posed by major quakes. “Since…Read More

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Perigee Moon

Via NASA >

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Understanding the Radioactivity at Fukushima

A physics and engineering perspective Prof. Ben Monreal, UCSB Department of Physics > Understanding the radioactivity at Fukushima ~~~ > Understanding the radioactivity at Fukushima View more presentations from ritholtz.

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Radiation Dose Chart

Via xkcd comes this very informative chart on radiation exposure: > click for ginormous graphic > Sources: > Hat tip Flowing Data

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WeatherSpark Chart Madness

For you hardcore weather bugs, WeatherSpark is sheer chart overload! > click for interactive weather madness! (note the buy and sell patterns!) hat tip Flowing Data

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UN: Radiation to Hit U.S. By Friday

Washington’s Blog strives to provide real-time, well-researched and actionable information.  George – the head writer at Washington’s Blog – is a busy professional and a former adjunct professor. ~~~ The New York Times notes: A United Nations forecast of the possible movement of the radioactive plume coming from crippled Japanese reactors shows it churning across…Read More

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When Plates Collide

Informative eye candy from Good about the various earthquake danger zones. > click for ginormous graphic >

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Japan Quake: Interactive Before and After Satellite Photos

Amazing before and after photos via German news magazine Spiegel of numerous Japanese towns and cities. (Can anyone translate the headline/sub hed for me, or point to an English language version?) In the interactive version, you can grab a slider and run it across the full photo: > click for interactive version Hat tip Edward…Read More

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Nuclear Physicist on Japan Crisis

Nuclear physicist Kirby Kemper gives us his assessment of the Japan nuclear crisis, including the likelihood of a meltdown and radiation risks. Plus, why global markets are off sharply today after Japan’s Nikkei average tumbled more than 10 percent.

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