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Dear Investor….

This will be the funniest thing you read today:

ACME Systematic Leveraged Macro Momentum Fund LP
321 Overprice
Greenwich, CT  00573

Dear Investor,

This letter is
to inform you that the wheels have come off of the proverbial wagon at ACME
Systematic Leveraged Macro Momentum Fund LP, and that the same awesome thematic
portfolio that made you feel (in the first half-year) as if you’d become very
rich in comparison to those sucking wind on their leveraged MBS portfolios or
Japanese Small-Cap Value Funds, has, quite literally, spontaneously combusted in
our faces…

Continued . . .


via Cassandra Does Tokyo 

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Betting on Bear’s Bust

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Bear Hunt

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The “No Loss Sale” Rule

David Weidner’s new column (out tomorrow) proposes outlawing the sale of any stocks for a loss.

Very clever!

Cox: But I was getting a pedicure the other day and I thought, ‘Why not just short selling?’ What about ALL selling?’ Why not make a rule that prohibits selling a stock for a price lower than the last trade. We’d stop losses altogether. Everyone would make a profit. Unlike some of these other measures you’ve heard today, it wouldn’t cost taxpayers a penny. So, what do you think of the Cox No-Loss Sale rule?

The no-loss sell rule
What if we tried a new strategy in the next six months?
David Weidner
MarketWatch, 12:01 a.m. EDT July 31, 2008

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No Shorting. That’s the Rule.

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Another Wild Ride On Wall Street

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Quote of the Day: James Montier

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Paulson & Co Opening New Fund to Re-Capitalize Banks

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Those Damn Short Sellers Are Just Killing It!

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In Defense Of Speculators

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