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Bears Lose Conviction in Face of Cheap Stocks


The biggest bears in U.S. stocks are losing their conviction after the steepest decline in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index since the Great Depression.



Cheapest Stocks Since 1990 Reduce U.S. Short Selling
Lynn Thomasson
Bloomberg, Feb. 9 2009

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Quote of the Day: Blaming Short Sellers

There is a fascinating article about John Paulson in this month’s Portfolio. What is so intriguiging is not the billions Paulson made on the collapse, but this exchange between short fund manager Jim Chanos and Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne. Chanos, for one, is tired of the blame-the-shorts litany, and he recalls a conversation with…Read More

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Mega-Bear Quartet

Doug Short overlays the 4 major bear markets of the past centruy onto one chart. Its a comparison of today’s S&P 500, the Dow post 1929, the Nikkei post 1989, and the NASDAQ after the tech bubble: > Chart via Doug Short Here’s another link that allows you to see the comparison by degrees. Very…Read More

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Is Citi about to WAMU ?

I have no special insight into Citigroup (C) other than noting: -Its been a huge round trip from 1995 to 2006 peak and back -It traded 750 million shares today -It gave up a quarter of its value. It trades like its going to go to zero. Is Citi TBTF (too big to fail) ? …Read More

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Fear vs. Facts on Lehman

Einhorn & Ritholtz vs Gasparino and Fuld:

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Wall Street Rug

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Damned Crisis!

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How This Bear Compares

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1929 MovieTone News on Stock Market Crash

The Country is Fundamentally Sound; ‘Don’t Panic, Stocks are Safe!’

Economist Professor Irving Fischer explains that the stock market crashed due to high expectations- not high stock prices. Too many speculators were playing the stocks with borrowed money, resulting in a run on the banks. 80 years later, the banks are speculating with borrowed money and investors are running away from them.


Did You Ever Lose a Million Bucks?

Take a tip from Margaret Shotwell who dispenses advice after losing 1 million dollars in the Wall Street stock market crash on Black Friday, October 28, 1929. Her only possessions are her piano and chinchilla fur


Regulation Will Destroy Capitalism 

Richard Whitney, President of the New York Stock Exchange, warns of the risks both to country and to capitalism posed by government regulators in the form of the the National Securities Exchange Act. This almost four full years before he was sent to Sing Sing Prison for embezzlement 


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Worst. Week. Ever.

Well, if you were long, anyway. Those of you who were defensive, or in cash, or God-love-ya, short, had a pretty good week. (Feel free to hit the wish list anytime and buy yourself something nice!) This is a headline you probably have never seen before: Dow’s Worst Week Comes to an End > I…Read More

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