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Clueless Fund Manager of the Day: Blaming Short Sellers

Wow, this guy Christopher Ailman is utterly clueless.  I don’t usually say things like this, but "Way to keep your eye on ball, genius!"

I don’t have much of a problem with the uptick rule — its pointless, and is easily worked around by hedge funds — but i can take it or leave. And, I agree that rules against naked short-selling — already illegal — should be enforced.

But if you think the current economic, credit and financial problems are caused by shorting, you are simply a smoking too much dope. (Don’t do drugs, or you will end up a brain-dead piece of lawn furniture).

Idiots . . .


Curbing Short Sellers
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One of the nation’s top pension funds taking aim at short sellers,  with Christopher Ailman, CalSTRS CIO and CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo.

To review, it wasn’t the excess leverage, or the under-capitalization, or the lack of risk controls, or the bad investments in all of the real estate related paper, or the insolvency — it had nothing to do with the nonfeasance on the part of the Fed, and the SEC going AWOL — no, it was the short selling.

Financial punditry has reached new lows — and with Luskin and Ben Stein running around, that ain’t easy.


This blame game is short on logic
Douglas Kass
FT,  August 21 2008 20:02

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Financial Sector Stock Losses (by company)

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Dow Close: -504

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Single Digit Financial Midgets

Out of 254 financials in the S&P 1500 Composite Financial sector, 12 meet the criteria of being under $10, and having been over $20 in the past 3 years: CNB, ETFC, WM, HBAN, LEH, NCC, SOV, DRH, MTG, TSFG, BPFH, PBKS. Thanks to Mike Panzner for the data screen

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Put Some More Lipstick on These Pigs

It ain’t just Lehman, Fannie and Freddie: There are plenty of other Pigs in the sea. > Washington Mutual (WM) We are long this — my trading desk has been trying to bottom tick this today — but I don’t like it as anything other than a trade. > American International Group (AIG) We are…Read More

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Lehman = $4; WAMU = $2

Another day, another disaster at the 148 year old firm known as Lehman Brothers: > > When the posthumous story on Lehman gets written, I do not see how full blame for the debacle does not fall anywhere but squarely on CEO Dick Fuld, who has presided over a stock decline of 90%+ this year:…Read More

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation . . .

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In Defense of Short Selling

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Stocks Breaking Down on Volume

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Bob Farrell’s 10 Rules for Investing

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