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Court Vision: Mapping Positions on NBA Courts

Over at CourtVision, Kirk Goldsberry is establishing a “spatially informed baseline and to map every shooter in the league against an average shooter.”

While he has lots of work to complete on this taskk, its already yielded some interesting visuals of each of the 5 positions: Composite shooting charts.

These are the combined shooting data for every player in each positional group. As Kirk notes, “there are some bizarre trends including some fascinating asymmetries.”


via Flowing Data

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2003 College Scouting Report: Eli Manning

For fans, this is Ernie Acorsi’s 2003 scouting report to the Mara family on why the NY Giants should reach out for Eli Manning. Incredibly accurate insights. Hat tip Arthur Cashin, UBS ~~~ Subject: Arcorsi’s note to Mara from ole miss from 2003 WEARS LEFT KNEE BRACE… DURING PREGAME WARMUP, DIDN’T LOOK LIKE HE HAD…Read More

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Most Mentioned NFL Players on “SportsCenter”

click for full graphic > Hat tip Flowing Data

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MFG Account Vaporization Playbook

Just in time for the big game, via Colonel Flick: > click for larger graphic

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Is It True: The Dangers of the Double-Dip

As Super Bowl fans gather around the TV and the chip bowl, some will probably be guilty of double-dipping those chips. In this latest “Is It True” segment, WSJ’s Christina Tsuei finds out whether double-dipping is really such a health hazard.

2/1/2012 9:03:05 PM

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Buying the 49er Breakout….

Though the Giants are closer to the New York Fed’s printing press, which can make magic happen,  fix almost anything, and more powerful than steroids, we’re buying the 49er breakout.   We do confess, however, our affinity for the team of the town we once lived and our love for Eli,  but the fundamentals and technicals…Read More

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David Bowie + Tim Tebow = Jimmy Fallon’s Tebowie

If the video dos not load, go to

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Skier Outruns/Outjumps Avalanche

Is it ski season already? Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude capture some of the most incredible content seen by GoPro as they hit the Alps like true heroes skiing the French backcountry while escaping a large avalanche on their tails! Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud Hat tip Paul Kedrosky

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The Mike Tyson Quotes Song

A song I put together using Mike Tyson Quotes. Download song here Follow me on twitter!/JustDaveBklyn hat tip world’s best ever

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Audi: Crushing Physical Toll Of Racing In Le Mans

Full article, Genius Marketing: Audi Ad Details Crushing Physical Toll Of Racing In Le Mans at FactCoDesign: Eliminating Luck,

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