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Dear Mark Cuban: Please Buy the NY Mets

I remember my first  baseball game: Yankees vs Detroit Tigers. I was in first grade, and my dad took me to Yankee stadium from Teaneck, N.J. where we lived.

The seats were directly behind home plate, but several levels up. We walked out from the maze of stairs into the brightly lit stadium, the brilliant green outfield illuminated by the stadium lights. It was magical.

Five Years later, we moved to Long Island. The NY Mets were the more convenient team to see, closer geographically, and easier to get to by car or rail. But for 1986 (my first year of grad school), being a Met fan has been a punishing ordeal.

Perhaps it is the only good that Bernie Madoff has ever done: Courtesy of that enormous and unconscionable theft, the Mets current owner, Fred Wilpon, is now selling the team.

I read this morning that you are not interested in pursuing the Mets. You say you learned your lesson. But you may have learned the wrong lessons, pursuing the wrong teams.

Mark, bubula, let me explain to you why this team is perfect for you.

1) Met’s stadium (Citi Field) was just completely rebuilt from the ground up — in many ways, architecturally and from a an perspective, ti is arguably much better than Yankee Stadium.

2) You could be a two league sports whiz, a feat that very very few people have accomplished. Even Michael Jordan whiffed when he tried to baseball to his basketball resume.

3) This is NY, a town that loves success, a winner, a money maker. It also is a town that could desperately use a savvy sports entrepreneur. We had to go to Russia to get one for hoops, surely you could out compete the Russkie on our home turf.

4. It would be very healthy to give the beloved (by us, hated by Bostonans) NY Yankees some home town competition. It would make the Yankees better, the Mets better — Hell, it would make the entire city better.

5. September is lovely in NY. And for baseball fans, October is even better We have an office in Dallas, and I don’t need to tell you how brutal the late summer early Autumn can be  can be. This would give you an excuse to come here.

6. Do you know Mike Bloomberg? Helluva a guy, and a helluva good mayor. He could end up as President one day, and he’d be a good guy to know. Think about it: Ambassador Cuban. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think.

7. You could do what no one else has ever done: Make the Mets a consistently winning team.

There are many more reasons than this, but the bottom line is: You know you want this. We know you want this. You can play coy a little longer, but don’t dawdle. Forget Stevie Cohen, I hear Goldman Sachs is interested in the team as well . . .

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NFL Player Wristbands

My friend Deb just rolled out an interesting new business: NFL Player wristbands. She and her business partner formed Two Girls Creative to sell Official Signature Products. They are official NFL Players Association licensee. I am not a sports fanatic, but I could see fans wearing their favorite Lance Armstrong type wristband. >

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Football and the 30 Second Advance Button

I like watching football, but I cannot stand the way the games are televised. On the clock, you have 60 minutes per game, of which there is maybe thirty 14 minutes of actual football played. In real time, that 14 minutes occurs over the course of 3 and ½ hours. Who the hell has time…Read More

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12 Year Old Basketball Phenom

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Fantastic Sports Writing: Zenyatta’s Last Race


Fantastic writing in of all places, the NYT sports section, on last night’s Breeder Cup race. I don’t follow horse racing, don’t really read the sports pages. But this telling of last night’s race is simply breathless:

“Her owners, Jerry and Ann Moss; her trainer, John Shirreffs; and for that matter anyone who had watched and loved the great racemare Zenyatta knew that the real running — the edge-of-the-seat-drama — really didn’t start until she turned for home. Nineteen times before, Zenyatta had looked desperate and in trouble at the top of the stretch. Nineteen times before, she had found a gear to rocket past her rivals in the final strides.

So when jockey Mike Smith cornered the big girl and squared her shoulders toward the finish line in dead last, the more than 72,000 people here at Churchill Downs rose to their feet and held their breath. Zenyatta not only had 11 horses to pass, she also had a dozen or so lengths to make up.

This time, however, Zenyatta was in a different kind of trouble. This was the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic, with a field full of thoroughbred racing’s royalty. They were boys. She was the only girl in the bunch, and at age 6 the oldest of the lot.

Zenyatta had started sluggishly, too. Sure, she always spotted fields some daylight, but Smith was worried before they hit the first turn. Her stride was uneven and looked like a rocking horse’s, with a wobbly glider. Dirt was hitting her face for the first time — Zenyatta had run 17 of her previous races on smoother synthetic surfaces.

Somehow, Smith settled her, and Zenyatta picked up some steam rounding the far turn. But now Smith was stuck inside, a wall of horses ahead of him.

He angled her left, one path, two paths, three paths, and it was not pretty. Zenyatta’s strength is power, not agility, and she looked like a bull trying to fight her way out of a ring.

“I needed to cut some corners somewhere,” Smith said.

When he finally got her outside and clear, Zenyatta charged. She shot by Musket Man and Paddy O’Prado and absolutely gassed the Preakness champion, Lookin at Lucky.

There was only one colt left, and he was a good one. Blame had won 8 of 12 in his lifetime, and 5 of his last 6. His rider, Garrett Gomez, had threaded Blame between two rivals and still had seven lengths on Zenyatta with the wire getting closer.

“At the eighth pole, I thought I was going to get there pretty easy,” Gomez confessed. But then he peeked beneath his arm and saw Smith and Zenyatta getting bigger and bigger.

“I knew she’d be coming,” Gomez said. “She’s the best I’ve ever seen.”

Smith was fanning Zenyatta, a mare he loved, with his left hand. She dug in, and Blame’s lead grew smaller with every stride. With 20 yards to go, Zenyatta was at Blame’s tail. Then hip. Then neck. There was a roar, the flash of a finish-line photo, and then silence.”

Just fantastic . . .


Zenyatta Misses History by a Head
NYT, November 6, 2010

Video after the jump . . .

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People Are Awesome

Here is your unicorn chaser for the week: A compilation of awesome people doing incredible things. Music: Mecha Love by Hadouken, out now on iTunes:

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Steve Perry, Giants Fan, at NLCS Game 5

Gotta love Steve Perry leading a packed house @ AT&T Park, San Francisco in ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ during the 8th inning of Game 5 in the NLCS. > > Here’s Bob Lefsetz: Some things just make you feel good. I’m going through today’s e-mail and someone linked to this clip. Just another use of the…Read More

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Asymmetrical Motivation & The .299 Hitter

There is a fun mathematical discussion in the NYT Sports section today worth looking at. It turns out that major league hitters on the verge of a 3 handle batting average — .300 — hit an astounding .463 on their last at bat of the season: “Two economists at the Wharton School of the University…Read More

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Steinbrenner Dead at 80

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Congrats to Miami; About the NY Knicks . . .

Congratulations to Pat Riley and the Miami Heat. You have put together a very competitive team that should be fun to watch in the coming years. Lost in all the hype is the fact that The NY Knicks have been part of a public corporation — the incompetent Cablevision (CVC), an $8 billion dollar telecommunications…Read More

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