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Congrats to Miami; About the NY Knicks . . .

Congratulations to Pat Riley and the Miami Heat. You have put together a very competitive team that should be fun to watch in the coming years.

Lost in all the hype is the fact that The NY Knicks have been part of a public corporation — the incompetent Cablevision (CVC), an $8 billion dollar telecommunications and media firm. They are also the largest holder of MSG Inc. (MSG), which now controls the Madison Square Garden arena, and the New York Knicks, along with the TV rights. (MSG was spun off from CVC in February 2010).

There may be no more hapless, pathetic, incompetent owners of any team since MSG was founded in 1874. Long suffering Knick’s fans have be watched the team mismanaged into basketball irrelevancy. Since the Patrick Ewing era ended, incompetent management has been unable to field a competitive squad, retain a top flight coach, achieve any success in the playoffs, been unable to attract and retain all-star talent. The inability to attract Lebron James to New York is merely the cherry on a failure cake.

CVC/MSG must pay for their sins: Cablevision’s credit ratings should be downgraded, their bonds sold, their stock shorted. Merely having their senior management resign in disgrace is insufficient; their gross failures should result in Seppuku, their disemboweled bodies buried in a pet cemetary. Season ticket holders should be given free grief counseling. MSG and the Knicks should be sold to some organization that is actually familiar with Sports.


One last note: Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert turned an absurd media spectacle in a competition to see who could demonstrate the least poise and class. Congratulations, you won.

As to your boast that you will win a championship (without Lebron) before Lebron does, I have a $100,000 on Miami over Cleveland. Care to put your money where your mouth is . . . ?

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2010 World Cup Rankings

Terrific interactive data dump in the Sunday NYT, ranking various FIFA world cup teams by 10 separate metrics: FIFA world ranking Goals per game Goals allowed per game Shots per game Shots on goal per game Touches per game Touches allowed per game Touch difference per game Touches in attack Touches resulting in complete pass…Read More

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Lakers: Back to Back Titles

Awesome game 7 of the NBA Finals – Got home from a Minyanville event around 10:15 pm. Watched the first half of the game on Tivo — by the the time the 2nd half started, I was caught up with the live game. Just a terrific series. ~~~ Of course, this means 4 hours sleep…Read More

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World Cup and Economics 2010

As much as I bust the chops of GS management for their gaffes and lack of judgment, I still have to admire Goldman for putting together this research report on World Cup and Economics 2010. Good stuff. > World Cup 2010 Doc

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US Entertainment Spending

Via Visual Economics, is this enormo info graphic showing how Americans spend their entertainment dollars:


click for ginormous version

Embedded version after the jump

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Sports Heaven: Lakers/Celtics; World Cup

I rarely talk sports, but I am about to enter my own version of sports heaven. The Lakers vs. Celtics Finals are sure to be a blast. As a long suffering Knicks fan — a bud had season tickets during the Ewing-Oakley-Starks era — I appreciate good bball, and this is sure to deliver that….Read More

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The United Countries of Baseball

Since its Spring . . . via Sly Oyster

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Olympic Pictograms Through the Ages

Steven Heller traces the evolution of the tiny symbols for each Olympic sport since their appearance in 1936. Source: NYT

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IOC Copyright Idiocy Drives Company to Poetry

UVEX, the ski goggle maker, got a nastygram from an Olympics Committee IP lawyer, forbidding them from using any images — or even mentioning — that gold medal winner Lindsey Vonn uses their equipment. Blonde Who Uses Our Stuff Wins Downhill (Last Name Rhymes With “Bonn”) There once was a lawyer from the IOC, who…Read More

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Tuesday Reads

Fascinating stuff on the intertubes today: • Fischer Speaking Means Bernanke Listening When Rates Fluctuate (Bloomberg) • Are the Dollar Bears Too Bullish? (Barron’s) • Commercial RE Values Off 43% From 2007 Peak (Globe ST) • Amazon vs Wal-Mart Price War (NYT) see also Round-Up of Holiday Spending Surveys, Reports (Panzner) • Fed Said to…Read More

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