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Steve Perry, Giants Fan, at NLCS Game 5

Gotta love Steve Perry leading a packed house @ AT&T Park, San Francisco in ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ during the 8th inning of Game 5 in the NLCS.


Here’s Bob Lefsetz:

Some things just make you feel good.

I’m going through today’s e-mail and someone linked to this clip. Just another use of the national anthem, “Don’t Stop Believin’”. Hey, it’s great the Giants won the National League Championship and are celebrating, but there’s nothing new here.

And as I continue going through my messages, as the track plays in the background, I’ve heard enough so I go to close that window so I can check out another YouTube clip a few messages down. And when I go to click the close button, I’m confronted with something utterly surprising that does not compute, supposed recluse Steve Perry singing his own song.

Well, we can’t hear him. He’s got no mic. But he’s leading the charge, he’s got his hands in the air, they’ve got his visage on the big screen and I’m stunned how every rumor is untrue. He’s out and about, he’s not obese, he’s there with a smile on his face owning a song that’s been embraced by a younger generation that never experienced Journey and people like me who barely tolerated the band back then, admitting we liked “Lights” and maybe one other track on the local AOR outlet that we had to endure to get to our favorites, and those who never stopped believin’.

On paper, this might barely touch you. But when you watch this video, your heart will start to palpitate, you’ll get all tingly, you’ll enter a zone whose entry key is only music.

(Let the clip play, from the beginning until at least fifty seconds in, then you’ll get it.)

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Asymmetrical Motivation & The .299 Hitter

There is a fun mathematical discussion in the NYT Sports section today worth looking at. It turns out that major league hitters on the verge of a 3 handle batting average — .300 — hit an astounding .463 on their last at bat of the season: “Two economists at the Wharton School of the University…Read More

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Steinbrenner Dead at 80

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Congrats to Miami; About the NY Knicks . . .

Congratulations to Pat Riley and the Miami Heat. You have put together a very competitive team that should be fun to watch in the coming years. Lost in all the hype is the fact that The NY Knicks have been part of a public corporation — the incompetent Cablevision (CVC), an $8 billion dollar telecommunications…Read More

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2010 World Cup Rankings

Terrific interactive data dump in the Sunday NYT, ranking various FIFA world cup teams by 10 separate metrics: FIFA world ranking Goals per game Goals allowed per game Shots per game Shots on goal per game Touches per game Touches allowed per game Touch difference per game Touches in attack Touches resulting in complete pass…Read More

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Lakers: Back to Back Titles

Awesome game 7 of the NBA Finals – Got home from a Minyanville event around 10:15 pm. Watched the first half of the game on Tivo — by the the time the 2nd half started, I was caught up with the live game. Just a terrific series. ~~~ Of course, this means 4 hours sleep…Read More

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World Cup and Economics 2010

As much as I bust the chops of GS management for their gaffes and lack of judgment, I still have to admire Goldman for putting together this research report on World Cup and Economics 2010. Good stuff. > World Cup 2010 Doc

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US Entertainment Spending

Via Visual Economics, is this enormo info graphic showing how Americans spend their entertainment dollars:


click for ginormous version

Embedded version after the jump

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Sports Heaven: Lakers/Celtics; World Cup

I rarely talk sports, but I am about to enter my own version of sports heaven. The Lakers vs. Celtics Finals are sure to be a blast. As a long suffering Knicks fan — a bud had season tickets during the Ewing-Oakley-Starks era — I appreciate good bball, and this is sure to deliver that….Read More

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The United Countries of Baseball

Since its Spring . . . via Sly Oyster

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