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Ethanol DeathWatch Map

Regular readers know I am no fan of ethanol — over-subsidized gasoline substitute that has helped to drive food inflation aggressively higher (and, it gunks up my engines!)

With the price of Oil down $18 over the past week — off 12% from the $147 high — perhaps its time to pull out the BioFuels/Ethanol DeathWatch Map

Its a terrific Google Maps Mashup (via GigaOm) that shows the various biofuel plants that are having "hiccups."

click for more info


The author notes that this is a "a work in progress" You can add new notices or extra information in the comments.


The Costanza Energy Policy: 25 Ways to Drive Oil to $150 (May 29, 2008)

Maps: Biofuels Deathwatch
Craig Rubens
Earth2Tech, January 9th, 2008 at 12:00 am

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A Nation of Whiners? No, Just Wall Street Beggars

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Idiots Fiddle While Rome Burns

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Quote of the Day: Bailouts

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Whining US CEOs: Economy is “Dismal”

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CEO Sees Dismal Economy (Bunch of Whiners!)

CEOs portray a gloomy forecast for the US Economy, according to a new survey by Chief Executive Magazine:

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Fannie & Freddie Heading for “Conservatorship”

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Uh-Oh! Bad Sign on Fannie & Freddie

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Poole: Fannie, Freddie `Insolvent’ After Losses

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Quote of the Day: Citibank on Glass Steagel

We’re going way back for this one: “With an aggressive legal maneuver, Citicorp is taking another step in the battle to unshackle the banking industry from the restraints of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.  The strategy, being watched closely by the entire banking industry, has been used for years to push the deregulation of the…Read More

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