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Open Thread: Bad Sign on Fannie & Freddie Comes True

Last month, Rex Nutting had a surefire contrary indicator: He noted that the Bush administration DOES NOT expect the GSEs to fail, and that no rescue plan is imminent.

He wrote at the time that this made the government takeover a Phoney and Fraudy pretty much a sure thing.


"Is there any surer sign of an impending disaster than a reassurance from the White House that it doesn’t expect it to happen?"

That seems to be more or less an eventuality at this point. But it raises an interesting question:

Recession? Housing Slowdown? Credit Crunch? Been there, done that.

What other impending disasters are out there? What aren’t people expecting?  What possible surprises are there — upside as well as down — that could shake things up even more?

What say ye?

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