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Hedonically-Adjusted, Well-Spun, Nominal Misery Index

Numerous pundits have taken to claiming that the Misery Index — a combination of Inflation measures and Unemployment — is still relatively low when compared with the 1970s.

They are full of shit. I have to call shenanigans on that foolishness. The way Inflation and Unemployment are measured today versus 30 years prior makes this an apples & oranges comparison. Merely showing 2008 versus 1973 is  nonsense (see the chart of the misery index, below via the WSJ).

Why? If we were measuring Inflation & Unemployment the way we did in the 1970s, we would see unemployment much closer to U6 Unemployment levels of 9.7% (versus the popularized headline inflation level, U3 now at 5.5%); the inflation measures would see an greater differential — CPI might be closer to 10+.

That would put the Misery Index somewhere between 17 and 21 — pretty close to the 1970s highs.

(If any of you chart wizards can figure out how to create a more accurate Misery Index, please tag me. I figure we can use U6 for Unemployment, but I am not sure where to get more accurate data history for CPI)


Miserable Index:

Chart courtesy of WSJ


Compare the above chart above with the two below:

Inflation, Pre-1983 Measures

Unemployment, Various Measures


courtesy of Harpers


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Another good Friday on CNBC — excellent guests, discussing real issues, and in great detail.

Like the interview two weeks ago with David Einhorn and William Ackman, this shows how good finacial television can be when a smart guest discusses weighty topics with sufficient time to go into details beyond bumper sticker.

I don’t know much about David Walker, but I was very impressed with him. Here’s info on the Peterson Foundation.

I don’t think the videos have as much Walker as they did on TV . . . 


Private Equity With Pete Peterson
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Discussing the state of private equity, with Pete Peterson, The
Blackstone Group chairman/co-founder and David Walker former U.S.


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Perspectives on the economy, with Pete Peterson, The Blackstone
Group chairman/co-founder and David Walker former U.S. Comptroller



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