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Blog Watch: The State Department

That’s right, the State Department is now blogging:

Dipnote (

By my calculations, this means there are now just 11 people left in the world without a blog.


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Can Housing Be “Rescued?”

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Mortgage Resets? Try Chapter 13 Bankruptcy!

Fascinating front page WSJ article today, titled More Debtors Use Bankruptcy To Keep Homes. It seems that Chapter 13 filings are gaining in popularity. Why? Because they halt foreclosure proceedings: “Last month, as the nation’s housing slump continued, consumer bankruptcy filings increased almost 23% from a year earlier – representing nearly 69,000 people — according…Read More

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No Free Lunch: Ongoing Ramifications of an Easy Fed

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Global Taxes as a Percentage of GDP

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Real World Consequences of Core Inflation Focus

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Ease of Doing Business by Country

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The Economic Far Right & the G.O.P.

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Bloomberg: CPI Inflation Data is a “Lie”

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The Widening Gap Between the Rich and the Super-Rich

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