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Equity Market Review for June 18th 2013

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Major U.S. indices such as the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite have both recently stabilized and bounced for the second time off their respective 50 day moving averages.  Though historically June tends to be a negative month for stocks, with only 9 trading days left in the quarter we wonder aloud whether quarter ending “window dressing” will keep stocks elevated until June passes.

Market internals have certainly shown some deterioration of late, however, the old adage is to respect the trend and the trend still remains up as long as the recent lows, near the respective 50 day moving averages, hold. 

Please see attached note for chart on the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite.



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Equity Market Review for June 13 2013

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Major Asset Classes: 1850 – Present

Click to enlarge   I do not ever recall seeing all these in one place in one chart: S&P 500, DJIA, Gold, Silver, West Texas Intermediate, Total Debt as a % of GDP and the US 10yr to 1850. Many of these are at or close to all time highs. (Note the exception is the…Read More

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S&P500 Index to Profits at all U.S. companies

Click to enlarge     I have to admit: I have never seen this ratio before. Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to profits at all U.S. companies. Its a price to earnings ratio of the main US stock market against ALL US earnings. According to this little used, odd ratio, Stocks are much cheaper after…Read More

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Saut: Hindenburg Omen Is Just Hot Air

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Source: Yahoo

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Question: What Is Driving Hindenburg Omen Internals?

Source: Stockcharts     Definition: Hindenburg Omen is triggered when: (1) more than 2.2% of stocks on the NYSE are at 52-week highs AND more than 2.2% are at 52-week lows, (2) the 50-day moving average is trending higher, (3) the McClellan Oscillator is negative, and (4) new 52-week highs don’t exceed new lows by…Read More

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Why Do People Fear the Hindenburg Omen?

Not a track record to be proud of: Source: Moneybeat     Previously: Hindenburg Omen? Put a Fork In It.  (March 26th, 2011) The PermaBear to English Translation Guide (October 15th, 2010)

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Analysts Chart Stocks’ Voyage to the Unknown

Click to enlarge Source: WSJ   Fun take on our uncharted territory via the WSJ

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Nikkei Downtrend (1982-Present)

click for ginormous chart Source: Kimble Charting   Awesome chart from Chris Kimble showing the Nikkei going back to 1982 — in particular, the downtrend that began in 1989 and still persists to this day. Chris notes that Declines of 32% to 60% taken place at this level for the past 20 years! One would…Read More

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Random Thoughts: Comebacks, Intraday Reversals and the like

Since it is a Friday before a 3 day holiday weekend, it is a good time to kick back and think about what the recent market action might (or might not) mean. • Most Day-to-day market action is noise, There is very little signal involved, with the vast majority of commentary simply after-the-fact rationalizations of…Read More

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