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50 Year Chart: Stocks, Bonds & Gold

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Yesterday, in response to our post on how wrong the public was back in this 2011 Gallup poll, the following suggestion was made:

Which asset performed best is dependent on your definition of “long term”. 2011-2013 is at best medium term. Long term to most people means decades, 20 years or more. Look at charts for 1993-2013. For young people starting to invest it means their whole working career. That means around fifty years, given current retirement trends. So look at charts for 1963-2013.

The charts above date from 1950 to present.

Its pretty clear that Gold moves in fits and starts; the Treasury market has had an enormous and unusual bull market, and stocks are volatile gainers over the long haul.





Ralph M Dillon

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Equity Market Review for June 18th 2013

Click to enlarge Major U.S. indices such as the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite have both recently stabilized and bounced for the second time off their respective 50 day moving averages.  Though historically June tends to be a negative month for stocks, with only 9 trading days left in the quarter we wonder aloud…Read More

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Equity Market Review for June 13 2013

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Major Asset Classes: 1850 – Present

Click to enlarge   I do not ever recall seeing all these in one place in one chart: S&P 500, DJIA, Gold, Silver, West Texas Intermediate, Total Debt as a % of GDP and the US 10yr to 1850. Many of these are at or close to all time highs. (Note the exception is the…Read More

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S&P500 Index to Profits at all U.S. companies

Click to enlarge     I have to admit: I have never seen this ratio before. Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to profits at all U.S. companies. Its a price to earnings ratio of the main US stock market against ALL US earnings. According to this little used, odd ratio, Stocks are much cheaper after…Read More

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Saut: Hindenburg Omen Is Just Hot Air

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Source: Yahoo

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Question: What Is Driving Hindenburg Omen Internals?

Source: Stockcharts     Definition: Hindenburg Omen is triggered when: (1) more than 2.2% of stocks on the NYSE are at 52-week highs AND more than 2.2% are at 52-week lows, (2) the 50-day moving average is trending higher, (3) the McClellan Oscillator is negative, and (4) new 52-week highs don’t exceed new lows by…Read More

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Why Do People Fear the Hindenburg Omen?

Not a track record to be proud of: Source: Moneybeat     Previously: Hindenburg Omen? Put a Fork In It.  (March 26th, 2011) The PermaBear to English Translation Guide (October 15th, 2010)

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Analysts Chart Stocks’ Voyage to the Unknown

Click to enlarge Source: WSJ   Fun take on our uncharted territory via the WSJ

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Nikkei Downtrend (1982-Present)

click for ginormous chart Source: Kimble Charting   Awesome chart from Chris Kimble showing the Nikkei going back to 1982 — in particular, the downtrend that began in 1989 and still persists to this day. Chris notes that Declines of 32% to 60% taken place at this level for the past 20 years! One would…Read More

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