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Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine

Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney (Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief) pulls no punches in his portrait of Apple founder Steve Jobs and his legacy. This probing and unflinching look at the life and aftermath of the bold, brilliant and at times ruthless iconoclast explores what accounted for the grief of so many when he died. Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is evocative and nuanced in capturing the essence of the Apple legend and his values, which continue to shape the culture of Silicon Valley to this day.


For another perspective, see Rethink


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Why we crave what’s cool

What does it mean to be cool? It’s a means of standing out, as well as a way of fitting in. In studying the brain, economists have found that when we consume products from status brands, it actually gives us a way to create social networks, friendships, alliances

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Thinking About Fermi’s Paradox

As the story goes, famed physicist Enrico Fermi looked up one starry night, noticed thousands of visible stars and the billions more they represent, and wondered “Where is everybody?” If the physicist knew then what we know today, might he have asked that famous question? Fermi, who died in 1954, certainly missed a lot of…Read More

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Lily Drone Camera

Source: Lily and Lily Tech Specs

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Top 100 Metro Areas for STEM Jobs

Click to see the stats for each city. Source: Bloomberg

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A Supercomputer In Your Pocket

Source: Visual Capitalist

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Alan Adler, Inventor of AeroPress and Aerobie

Apparently, he mostly invents things that are round and begin with the words of Aero:

Inventor Portrait: Alan Adler (AeroPress; Aerobie) from David Friedman on Vimeo.
Source: Vimeo

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How IEX Prevents Stale Quote Arbitrage

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IEX arb



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When do scientists believe computers will surpass the human brain?

Source: Mic

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Market is Thinning Out

Source: WSJ

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