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Kids React to 1st iPod

Prepare to feel very old:



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Apple’s New Product Intro Pattern

Farhad Manjoo of the NYT explains the why the usual pattern seems to be happening with Apple: “Analysts’ estimates vary wildly, with many originally predicting that Apple sold three million to five million watches from April to the end of June. After studying Apple’s opaque earnings report, several analysts revised their estimates down to about 1.5 million to…Read More

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The Rise of the Tech Industry

click for ginormous graphic click for ginormous graphic Source: The Economist

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Source: WSJ

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Broadband in the US

From The Economist: The program, called “ConnectHome”, is a partnership between government, tech companies and non-profit organisations that will provide low-cost broadband internet, digital literacy programs and other resources to 275,000 public-housing developments in 28 locations across the country. Source: The Economist

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The End of the Gasoline Fueled Automobiles In Your Lifetime

Source: Bloomberg   Tesla has rocked the world of high-performance automobiles with the introduction of its new “Ludicrous mode.” The internal-combustion engine business may never be the same. Regular readers of mine usually know at least two things about me: First, I believe that all predictions are silly, more about marketing than actually trying to figure out what…Read More

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How Amazon Changed Retail

Source: WSJ

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Will Silicon Alley Be the Next Silicon Valley?

Will Silicon Alley Be the Next Silicon Valley? Jason Bram and Matthew Ploenzke Liberty Street Economics, July 2015         Update: We broadened our definition of Silicon Valley and present more complete data on that region’s trends in the comments section of this post. In the body of the piece, we also corrected…Read More

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Twenty Years of Amazon

Source: The Economist

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Who Is Apple ?

Individuals matter. Jimmy Iovine willed Interscope to success. And Steve Jobs did the same with Apple. But now he’s gone and Apple is hurting. APPLE WATCH Tech is about a level playing ground, albeit an oftentimes expensive one. Everybody gets to eat at the buffet, as long as they can afford the entry ticket. But…Read More

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