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The State of Wikipedia

The State of Wikipedia not only explores the rich history and inner-workings of the web-based encyclopedia, but it’s also a celebration of its 10th anniversary. With more than 17 million articles in over 270 languages, Wikipedia has undoubtedly become one of the most visited and relied upon sites on the web today.

The fourth video in our the “State of” series, JESS3 is proud to release The State of Wikipedia as our first video of 2011. And, as if it weren’t good enough, the video features none other than one of the co-founders himself, Jimmy Wales, as the narrator.

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Coming Soon: Full “Bloomberg Anywhere” App on iPad

Went out for dinner tonight with some guys from the office and a institutional salesguy we would love to hire (very smart, does good business, a great addition to the office). After dinner, a Bloomberg Tech guy recognizes me — “Your an equity, dude, right?” — and he sees me playing with the iPad. “Are…Read More

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The Media Universe

As a follow up to our recent Apple / Blog posts, enjoy this lovely NielsenWire/Factsheet chart porn on The U.S. Media Universe > click for ginormous graphic Hmmm, good chart porn . . .

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A Few Thoughts on Steve Jobs / Apple

The announcement yesterday that Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence from Apple is one of those events that leads to a reflexive  spasm of half thought out commentary. The mad rush to publish something often leads to some pretty silly statements making the rounds. As a long standing Apple fan, I deferred piling…Read More

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What Does Apple Want from Content Producers?

Today’s reminder of Steve Jobs’s mortality has overshadowed the rush of various news reports related to publishers using the iPad as a platform for growth. Apple chose a day that markets are closed and news outlets are running on reduced staffs or not publishing to drop this depth charge. The timing would suggest that tomorrow’s…Read More

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Brennan JB7 Digital Jukebox

> The Brennan JB7 comes very close to a device that I would not only buy, but make the centerpiece of my home audio system. However, it is missing two key components that is preventing it from blowing up. (If Brennan fixes these omissions, they will sell 10 million of them worldwide). Consider what it…Read More

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Seagate 2 TB External Hard Drive: $95

About 4 months ago, I bought a 500Gig backup drive for $79. This is 4X the storage, for $5 less than what Seagate sells their single Terabyte (1 TB) size. Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 2 TB External Hard Drive $165.99 $94.99 (43% off) USB 3.0 or FireWire From the Manufacturer: The GoFlex Desk external drive…Read More

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Glock, America’s Favorite HandGun

Terrific illustration (from Bloomberg BusinessWeek) as to why the Glock has become America’s favorite handgun. >

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CES Abuzz With Verizon iPhone Chatter

CES: Attendees Abuzz With Verizon iPhone Chatter 1/7/2011 11:32:44 PM

Verizon has invited reporters to a press event where it is expected the wireless carrier will announce it will carry the iPhone. At the Consumer Electronics Show, conference goers weighed in on the news.

Verizon Is Expected to Say It Will Carry iPhone 1/7/2011 7:07:08 PM
Verizon will announce on Tuesday that the network will support Apple’s iPhone. Earlier, MarketWatch’s John Letzing talked with Lauren Rudser about a cryptic invitation Verizon sent and the significance of the anticipated announcement.

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Intel: The Chase Film

This commercial for the 2nd Generation Intel Core™ i5 processor is rather impressive (for a commercial, anyway):

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