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How Google Works

Weekend chart porn, via PPC Blog:


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Bill G. vs Crazy Professor

The full versus series is here. Hat tip James B

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Modern History of Communication

Dataviz provides us with our infoporn today, in the vein of the history of the telephonic info: >

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Geeks Blame the FCC for iPhone 4 Antenna Problems

AntennaSys, which specializes in “antenna design, integration and consulting” has the single best explanation of how cell phone antennas have evolved. It also is the best description of how this has impacted the iPhone 4.0 antennae issues — PC Mag, Gizmodo, Engadget — we have seen to date: “The FCC puts strict limits on the…Read More

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Digital Nostalgia

Digital Nostalgia work commissioned for Wired Italy.  (March 2010 issue). via Behance Network

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How the World Spends it Time Online

Via Visual Economics

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Apple’s iPad Competition

Nice infographic, via Vizworld: click for ginormous graphic

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Look at THIS App

Brilliant: Laugh out loud funny . . .

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Internet Addiction?

Via DataViz, another slice of info-porn: >

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NYC: The new Silicon Valley?

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