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Plasma Screen Bargains: 50″ Panasonic 1080p

You may recall when I was shopping for flat screens, Best Buy was advertising the Panasonic 50″ TH-50PZ77U at $1799, but refused to honor that price, claiming it was a money losing typo. (See Inconvenienced By Best Buy! for the details). Their price was an absurd $2,899.99 — $100 over list.

This ultimately sent me into the arms of the delightful Pioneer Elite FHD1 (at a great price, thanks to a friend in the audio business) for a joint B-day/Xmas gift.

I noticed just before the holidays that J&R Music was advertising that very same Panasonic — the TH-50PZ77U 50″ Class 1080p Plasma Flat Panel TV and HDTVfor 1749.99 after $200 rebate. By way of comparison, the same set is $2119 at, far below the Best Buy pricing.


Talk about compartmentalizing: As an investor, Best Buy (BBY) is one of the few non luxe stores that is doing well.

But as a consumer, I continue to happily find alternatives to Best Buy — especially after reading articles like this one).

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