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Digital Nostalgia

Digital Nostalgia work commissioned for Wired Italy.  (March 2010 issue).

via Behance Network

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How the World Spends it Time Online

Via Visual Economics

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Apple’s iPad Competition

Nice infographic, via Vizworld: click for ginormous graphic

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Look at THIS App

Brilliant: Laugh out loud funny . . .

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Internet Addiction?

Via DataViz, another slice of info-porn: >

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NYC: The new Silicon Valley?

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One More Thing . . .

Steve Jobs most famous phrase . . . Hat tip Marketbeat

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Best . . . Headline . . . Ever . . .

How can you not adore the lunatic headline writer behind this soon to be legendary Bloomberg article: Porn Stars in 3-D Lure Consumers to New Sony, Panasonic TVs Fantastique! There are money quotes all over the place: “I want to try it out,” said Satoshi Miyazaki, 33, who pays about 2,000 yen a month to…Read More

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Steve Jobs at All Things Digital

Lots of great video clips by Apple’s Steve Jobs:


Apple CEO Steve Jobs Intro, Market Cap, Talks About Flash


More videos after the jump

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iPad + Velcro = Love

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo. Hat tip kottke

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