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Microsoft Zune: Down 54%

My pal JP notes that the iPod wannabe had an utterly disasterous quarter:

Overlooked in the carnage of Microsoft’s second quarter was the performance of the company’s Zune platform. Which was, quite simply, atrocious. Seems that $10 to $20 holiday discount didn’t do much good at all.

According to Microsoft’s latest 10-Q, “Zune platform revenue decreased $100 million or 54 percent reflecting a decrease in device sales.”

A precipitous decline. And one that stands in stark contrast to the record 22,727,000 iPods Apple (AAPL) shipped during its latest quarter, representing three percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. Can’t really blame this one on the economy, can we Microsoft (MSFT)?

That is just a horrific comparable. It just goes to show you that Microsoft, without the advantages of the Windows/Office monopoly, is simply just another ordinary company — nothing special, nothing innovative.

What do you expect from a big bloated monopolist whose history is dominated by decades of a corporate culture that was more interested in stealing versus creating, in bullying versus cooperating.

Onwards! Their long slide into irrelevance continues . . .


Zune to Be Forgotten
John Paczkowski
Digital Daily, 12:00 AM PT on January 24, 2009

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Chart Selection

Amusing flow chart telling you which chart to use: via Flow Chart

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The Auto-Tech Paradox at C.E.S.

The automobile market isn’t suffering alone. The market for in-vehicle technology, those screens, navigation devices and audio systems inside cars, is tanking right along with it.

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The History of the Internet (Animated Infographics)

Pretty cool:

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

via infosthetics

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Top 2009 Gadgets

WSJ’s Walt Mossberg talks about the top gadgets of 2009, from a headset that makes PC video games 3-D to HP notebooks, that are like a laptop and a netbook combined. Courtesy Fox News.


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An hour with Bill Gates

Interesting Charlie Rose video from last week, overlooked during the holidays: An hour with Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft.

I’m not a fan, as I know that MSFT is(was) the Evil Empire, but its interesting nonetheless

December 22, 2008

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Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Magic?

In search of big ideas in the Valley

click for (pop up) video: Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Magic?

BusinessWeek’s John A. Byrne and Steve Hamm discuss whether Silicon Valley still has its mojo, or will risk aversion and myopia kill the golden goose?

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2008: The Year in Wisecracks

Very amusing video, via John P at All Things Digitials:

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C/Net: Worst Tech forecasts for 2008

via C/Net

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Jim Jubak on Deflation

Hey MSN! How about embeddable videos? I know Microsoft didn’t invent it, but this video technology sucks. Don’t you want to increase your video views and ads served? Its nearly 2009! Embeddable is already a few years old, but this Windows video is decades old! Are you that afraid of Ballmer?Are you also forbidden from…Read More

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