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Argggh!! APC Back up

Apc_500_2 So after a few years of faithful service, the APC 500 backup begins chirping like a chick for its mother hen. 

Given how unreliable the electrical system is here in the sticks (thank you LIPA), the backup is a huge lifesaver for the computer. Several times a week, the power levels drop — not a full black out, but a momentary loss that w/o the battery, the iMac would be toast.

Incidentally, this turns out to be one of the oddest — and most useful and appreciated — gifts I have ever received. 

Not only does the uninterruptible power supply, well, not get interrupted, but I don’t deal with all the nasty side effects of regular sudden power offs — lost data, glitchy OS, program problems. I highly recommend getting a UPS if you don’t use one.

A quick look up of the APC BP500US, and it turns out that the lead battery needs replacement. Okay, order a new one, ($25), it comes a few days later, charge it up overnight — and the APC is still chirping away.


Before I spend some more time on hold with the Philippines trying to reset this, does anyone any shortcuts?

There has to be a simple way to reset this damn thing . . .

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