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Top 30 Innovations of the Last 30 Years

Nightly Business Report is celebrating their 30th year on television.

NBR viewers suggested the advances they admired during the 1979 to 2009 time frame. Professors at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania selected and ranked the top thirty.

The Top 30 Innovations of the Last 30 Years

30. Anti retroviral treatment for AIDS (Health Care)
29. SRAM flash memory  (Electronics)
28. Stents   (Health Care)
27. ATMs   (Finance)
26. Bar codes and scanners   (Retail)
25. Bio fuels   (Biotechnology)
24. Genetically modified plants   (Biotechnology)
23. RFID and applications (e.g. EZpass)     (Electronics)
22. Digital photography/videography   (Electronics)
21. Graphic user interface (GUI)      (Computer Science)
20. Social networking via internet   (Media)
19. Large scale wind turbines   (Energy)
18. Photovoltaic Solar Energy    (Energy)
17. Microfinance      (Finance)
16. Media file compression (e.g., jpeg, mpeg, mp3)      (Computer Science)
15. Online shopping/ecommerce/auctions (e.g., eBay)       (Information Technology)
14. GPS Systems     (Electronics)
13. Liquid Crystal Displays             (Electronics)
12. Light emitting diodes (first real devices in 1960s; in products in mid-70s)      (Electronics)
11. Open source software and services (e.g., Linux, Wikipedia)         (Media)
10. Non-invasive laser/robotic surgery (laparoscopy)        (Health Care)
9. Office software (Spreadsheets, word processors)        (Computer Science)
8. Fiber optics         (Telecommunications)
7. Microprocessors        (Computer Science)
6. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)     (Biotechnology)
5. DNA testing and sequencing/Human genome mapping     (Biotechnology)
4. E-mail         (Computer Science)
3. Mobile phones           (Telecommunications)
2. PC/laptop computers      (Computer Science)
1. Internet/broadband/WWW (browser and HTML)       (Telecommunications)


The Top 30 Innovations of the Last 30 Years
PBS, February 16, 2009

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The Future of Newspapers

A conversation about the future of newspapers with Charlie Rose, Walter Isaacson of “Time,” Robert Thomson of “Wall Street Journal” and Mort Zuckerman of “The New York Daily News”

Charlie Rose, February 11, 2009 running time 27:01

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Rise of Online Journalism: Blogs Come of Age


Rise of Online Journalism: Blogs Come of Age
Henry Blodget
Yahoo, Feb 03, 2009 05:40pm EST

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Cell Phone Spending Passes Residential Phone Services

I find this data point from the BLS rather intriguing: In 2001, the ratio of spending on residential phone services to spending on cellular phone services was greater than 3 to 1. In 2007, cellular phone expenditures accounted for 55 percent of total telephone expenditures compared to 43 percent for residential phone expenditures. Data from…Read More

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How Bad Are Tech Earnings?

Eric Savitz of Barron’s notes that “earnings season is off to a miserable start” as far as Tech is concerned. He gives 5 key reasons: 1. PC DEMAND IS SUFFERING big time. Microsoft and Intel are both cutting jobs;  Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) posted a 33% drop in profits; Disk-drive maker Seagate ‘s (STX) revenues…Read More

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Microsoft Zune: Down 54%

My pal JP notes that the iPod wannabe had an utterly disasterous quarter: Overlooked in the carnage of Microsoft’s second quarter was the performance of the company’s Zune platform. Which was, quite simply, atrocious. Seems that $10 to $20 holiday discount didn’t do much good at all. According to Microsoft’s latest 10-Q, “Zune platform revenue…Read More

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Chart Selection

Amusing flow chart telling you which chart to use: via Flow Chart

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The Auto-Tech Paradox at C.E.S.

The automobile market isn’t suffering alone. The market for in-vehicle technology, those screens, navigation devices and audio systems inside cars, is tanking right along with it.

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The History of the Internet (Animated Infographics)

Pretty cool:

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

via infosthetics

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Top 2009 Gadgets

WSJ’s Walt Mossberg talks about the top gadgets of 2009, from a headset that makes PC video games 3-D to HP notebooks, that are like a laptop and a netbook combined. Courtesy Fox News.


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