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Not-Quite-a Linkfest

Hotnot_20080620205400A few projects have blown up this year, demanding a lot of time and attention.

From a time perspective, something had to give — and the main casualty was the Linkfest. It was a huge timesuck, and I have been using the hours on other (hopefully more) productive projects.

However, I continue to see very interesting articles that many people have likely missed. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list or even a narrative — its actually kinda random. 

No time for a full fest, but (but enough Ben Steinery!) here’s a quick flavor of what you may have overlooked:


Nasty, brutish and short (Economist on shortselling)

Banks Find New Ways To Ease Pain of Bad Loans (WSJ)

Mail Delivery as Economic Bellwether (Portfolio)

Sentiment read: Are We Too Gloomy? (TBP)

Bye, Bubble? The Price of Oil May Be Peaking (Barron’s)

MonoDuoline Downgrade Fallout: Muni Prices, MBIA Collateral (naked capitalism)

Two Sides to Story Define Wall Street in Cioffi’s Tale at Bear  (Bloomberg)


-Lean-and-Mean Is Paying Off for the Economy (BusinessWeek)

-BW: 10.8 million jobs is trivial? (CEO Economic Update) 

Profits Plunge, Buybacks Don’t (Floyd Norris)

New Crisis Threatens Healthy Banks  (Washington Post)

• President Bush was inaugurated 7.5 years ago — and S&P500 returns are negative since (Angry Bear)

Yes, We Will Have No Bananas (NYT)

Podcast: China is a Giant Pac-Man (Disciplined Investor)

Oil price conspiracy theorists: Rev your engines (Salon)

What Happens if We’re Wrong? (Peter Bernstein, NYT)
Better title: What Happens WHEN We’re Wrong?

• I did a long radio interview for World Affairs Monthly Interview covering, well,just about everything: Insanity Distilled.


CEO Economic Outlook Index (Business Roundtable) 

What Conspiracy? (TBP)

The Real Cost of Living Index: 9.5% (Telegraph)

A Feeble Recovery: The fundamental economic weaknesses of the 2001-07 expansion (EPI)   

The Economy Why It’s Worse Than You Think (Newsweek)


Fed’s Bear Stearns Books Look Prime for Cooking (Bloomberg)

Walter Bagehot Was Wrong James Grant of the Fed (NY Sun)

New Evidence of Inflation Vexes Central Banks (WSJ)

Market Has Irrational Expectations for the Fed (Bloomberg)


Housing Starts Drop 32% to 17 Year Low (TBP)

Anatomy of a Meltdown: The Credit Crisis 3 part series (Washington Post)

Number of new UK houses being built plummets nearly 60% (Guardian)

The FHA Time Bomb (WSJ)

Did Bank of America write the Dodd bailout bill? (LA Times)

Subprime Mortgages: What, Where, and to Whom? (Federal Reserve Board) 



THE REBELLION WITHIN An Al Qaeda mastermind questions terrorism. (New Yorker)   

Here is the US news from Bangalore (BBC)

GOOD Guide: to the Shadowy Organizations That Rule the World (Good)

The Case (Almost) for Drilling (Slate)

• Smart, funny, blond and British: Video: What’s not to love about Lara Logan? (Daily Show)


Upset subscribers want Netflix to mind their peeves and queues (GMSV)

One Third of Sun-like Stars Have Earth-Sized Planets (NYT)

Healthy Returns – How to Live Longer  (Barron’s)

Plastics unite to make unexpected ‘metal’  (New Scientist)

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic (Gristmill)

AT&T hedges bets, advertises iPhone 3G "real world" speeds of 1.4Mbps (GMSV); See also iPhone running Windows XP (ZD)

Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan (Video)

Diamonds on Demand (Smithsonian magazine)

• Thank goodness! — Guzzling coffee may cut heart disease   (New Scientist)

And the Survey Says… The surprisingly accurate Family Feud surveys  (free WSJ)

Ben Stein’s Expelled Exposed: a case study in antiscience propaganda  (Scientific American)

Heavyweight physics prof weighs into climate/energy scrap (The Register) 


Steely Dan, one of the most interesting bands in America, is on Tour (TBP)

Led Zep’s Stairway to Heaven is Worth $572 million (TBP)

Success Story 2: Review of The Pixar Touch (NYT Review of Books)

Music blogs’ network effect (Fortune)

So much for Big Music’s plans for "360" (Silicon Alley Insider)

Copyright and the World’s Most Popular Song (Research)

How to Nap (Boston Globe)


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