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Gartner: Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Source: Gartner August 2013


Way cool chart from Gartner [NOT Gartman!], looking at a variety of technologies within their long term “hype” cycle. Think about Solar or even the internet and you will see how (more or less) accurate this curve is.

The axis plot Expectations over Time, and end up running through the following 5 phases:

1. Innovation

2. Inflated Expectations

3. Trough of Disillusionment

4. Slope of Enlightenment

5.  Productivity Plateau.

I really like this concept of psychological phases over the course of a cycle . . .



Hat tip memeburns



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New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach

Click to enlarge Source: WSJ

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Real Books . . .

I love this window in The Strand, a used bookstore whose aisles I used to haunt when I was in grad school:   click for bigger photo Source: flickr   Even if Jeff Bezos won’t buy you, its possible to fight back with a clever advertising campaign. The Strand notes that Real Books are: Priced…Read More

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Google: How Search Works

Click for story Source: Google

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Game Changers Tha Could Substantially Raise USA GDP by 2020

Interesting look at multi-decade drivers of US economic growth:   Click to enlarge Source: Game changers: Five opportunities for US growth and renewal McKinsey Global Institute, July 2013

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Tech StartUp Bubble

click for complete graphic


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Drones are Being Used to Deliver Dry Cleaning, Beer, Food

The government’s use of drones is creating more terrorists (d’oh!) and destroying the privacy – and perhaps liberty – of Americans. Drones can be scary in their precision … and so small as to be rendered invisible. But drones are also being deployed for much more mundane purposes by common folks and creative entrepreneurs. Drones…Read More

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The Expanding Irrelevance of Microsoft

The Irrelevance of Microsoft Source: (Benedict Evans)   Benedict Evans writes up this very interesting analysis that sums up the entire Ballmer era of Microsoft (MSFT). From most of the 1990s and 2000s, the vast majority of connected devices had Microsoft operating systems. Even as late as 2009, their share of connected devices were still…Read More

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Tech Headaches

I don’t why this trip to Canada is casing me such problems, but I keep running into difficulties: • iPhone won’t dial out. Sometimes after 30 seconds I can make a connection. Most of the time, nada. • Word Press wont let me access back end of blog. It might be WiFi related — wouldn’t…Read More

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Technology & Retail Obsolescence

I forgot to publish my Bloomberg appearance this past week — here are two of the segments, mostly on retail and obsolescence:

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