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Google’s Plans to Own the Future

Source: Bloomberg

Google just announced its latest takeover: A $3.2 billion deal to purchase Nest, a company specializing in thermostats and smoke detectors. This is the latest in more than a dozen tech and hardware acquisitions for Google over the past year. Bloomberg looks at some of the best in today’s “Ranx.”

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Apple MacBook Air Design Flaw

Dear Sirs, I want to bring to you’re attention a terrible design floor in the MacBook Air laptop: Its power switch. Unlike the MacBoook Pro that it replaced, someone at Apple placed the on/off switch as part of the keyboard. This is a terrible idea. It makes the laptop that much less usable, less efficient…Read More

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I read yesterday morning in the Japan Times that the JP Morgan settlement is thought to be a blueprint of future settlements. Some recompense to the Treasury, some putative damages to act a deterrent for the future, but a decided lack of culpability in the veritable errrr ummm culprits. Why, pray tell, is it believed…Read More

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Everything is a Remix: The iPhone

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

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NASA’s 6-Foot Valkyrie Humanoid Robot

NASA’s 6-Foot Valkyrie Humanoid Robot Will Rescue You From Buildings Source: fastcompany

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The Hierarchy of Innovation

I find this intriguing: From Rough Type: If progress is shaped by human needs, then general shifts in needs would also bring shifts in the nature of technological innovation. The tools we invent would move through the hierarchy of needs, from tools that help safeguard our bodies on up to tools that allow us to…Read More

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Dear Lord, No Cell Phones on Airplanes.

There will be blood. And fights, and cell phones deservedly jammed up peoples nether regions. It is the busiest travel day of the year today. I for one am giving thanks that we are staying local with the sibs instead of flying to Chicago as we typically do. As problematic as the weather is this…Read More

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The Ballmer Years

The not so terrific reign of error of Microsoft under Steve Ballmer: Source: WSJ

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Profitibility at the World’s Biggest Tech Firms

  click for ginormous graphic via Pando Daily  

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History of Audio Apparati

It is missing the Nakamichi Dragon and the Bang & Olufson BEO1500, but other than that . . . click for ginormous graphic via Pop Chart Lab

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