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Eric Bolling Bolts CNBC’s Fast Money for Fox?

I’ve been hearing rumors that Eric Bolling has left Fast Money for Fox. That has now been confirmed.

That’s really too bad. First, the show had a good chemistry between all the participants, including Bolling. Second, Dylan Ratigan is a pleasure to work with, as is the show’s producer, John. 

TV Newser reported that Bolling showed up on FNC’s Your World with Neil
on Monday.
Additionally, Bolling’s bio on
has been taken down…

Further poking around reveals that the lawyers are now involved. Media Bistro reported that this went to court, and the Admiral got shipwrecked.

"And we’re learning new details about how difficult it was for ‘The
to jump ship. TVNewser has learned that NBC retained Proskauer
Rose, one of the most expensive law firms in Manhattan, to go up against
Bolling. In addition, sources say NBC showed up in court with a team of lawyers
and even got CNBC’s VP of strategic development Susan Krakower
to testify.

Sources say Bolling lost his argument in court, and cannot enter into a
contract until his CNBC non-compete expires. And while his last appearance on
CNBC was August 21, he showed up on Fox News Channel the next day, which means
he may be able allowed to do one-time appearances."

I am not surprised he would lose in court — big tv stations NBC/CNBC have really good lawyers writing their contracts. I can’t imagine they would let someone just walk away.

I thought Eric fit in well with Conan Dylan and the guys . . . I’m surprised after CNBC gave him his tv break like that, he would be so quick to jump ship to Fox. 

I guess we can expect to see a bunch of poaching, with anchors going from Bloomberg to CNBC to Fox.


Also, the NYPost’s page 6 has a story about a cat fight (page 6′s phrase, not mine) amongst the female anchors of CNBC:  NOT ENOUGH HONEY FOR CNBC      

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