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Cuban to The Donald: Blow this for a million dollars

Get your minds out of the gutter, and consider this: Mark Cuban has offered Howie Mandel 1 million dollars (donated to the charity of his choice) if:

"Howie, if you can get Mr Trump to pull a rubber glove completely over his head
and blow it up on your show, not only will I watch it, I will donate 1
million dollars to the charity of your choice

What could be better than that ?  Money for a great cause that you love. For
the Donald, the thing he loves more than anything, bragging rights.  Is there
any doubt that by Tuesday afternoon he would be able to say that he was
responsible for the most watched television show in the history of TV ?

Is it possible that any human being on the planet would be able to resist
watching Donald Trump blow up a rubber glove over his head ? I dont think so.
Combatants around the world would lay down their arms and all enjoy a moment of 
shared laughter."

I hope if I ever become obscenely wealthy that I’d be that kind of billionaire . . .

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