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The Money Oscars at Davos

Mountain Few
A group of the world’s wealthiest people gather in an secluded mountain enclave to discuss concerns over income inequality. (02:08)


Mountain Few – The Money Oscars at Davos
Jason Jones scores an all-access pass to some of the most horrific chronicling of human misery seen in decades, and Sam Bee parties in Davos. (03:08)

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To Catch a Trader

Tonight on Frontline: To Catch a Trader.

FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith goes inside the government’s ongoing, seven-year crackdown on insider trading, drawing on exclusively-obtained video of hedge fund titan Steven A. Cohen, incriminating FBI wiretaps of other traders, and interviews with both Wall Street and Justice Department insiders.

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frontline trader

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TDS Pizza War: New York vs Chicago

I am a born and bred New Yorker who loves our pizza. But I also appreciate Chicago pizza like Eduardo’s and Malnati’s. These segments not only resonated, but were hilarious: Chicago takes exception to Jon’s rant against the Windy City’s signature deep-dish cuisine. Strife of Pie The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The…Read More

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Bartiromo to Fox Biz for a Player to be Named Later

  Drudge broke the news that Maria Bartiromo is leaving CNBC and heading to Fox Business News. Business Insider confirmed it with CNBC. She leaves the network she has been with for more than 20 years November 24th. I am sure there is an interesting back story that I know nothing about, but here is…Read More

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Jay-Z Penney

Jay-Z faces pressure to end his partnership with Barneys over racial profiling, but Larry Wilmore sees selling out as a sign of progress.   Shopping While Black The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook TDS, November 6, 2013 (06:45)

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Long Island’s Economy Back on Track after Sandy

Long Island’s Economy Back on Track after Sandy Jason Bram and Rachel Keller Liberty Street Economics  October, 2013       In late October last year, Superstorm Sandy devastated and disrupted much of the tri-state region, including a large swath of Long Island. For most of Suffolk County and inland parts of Nassau County, the disruptions were…Read More

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Google Barges

Google parks a mysterious barge off of San Francisco and shares plans to prolong human existence. Jon Stewart Looks at Floaters The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook (05:07)

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TV Talk: Comedy Catastrophes

I saw a few of the many many new comedies, and I was not impressed by most of them: The Times reporters Bill Carter and Brian Stelter discuss the many tanking comedies that had their premiere this season. October 3, 2013 By Christopher Cascarano

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Saturday Night TV: 50 Years of Doctor Who

Click through for videos:   Fifty years of Doctor Who: how I fell in love with a timelord 28 Sep 2013:As Doctor Who celebrates its half-century, superfan Jenny Colgan kicks off our special62 comments Doctor who? The timelord’s companions since 2005 have their say 28 Sep 2013:Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate and Karen Gillan…Read More

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Lehman Brothers Anniversary & Economic Recovery

America’s economy is back after the 2008 Lehman Brothers collapse, but only for the top 1 percent. (03:22)

The Colbert Report
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