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Lehman Brothers Anniversary & Economic Recovery

America’s economy is back after the 2008 Lehman Brothers collapse, but only for the top 1 percent. (03:22)

The Colbert Report
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FLASHBACK: The Economy & You – Wall Street Collapse

Jon figures the Wall Street collapse won’t hurt you, assuming you fit into one of a few broad archetypes.


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Tivo Fodder: Sports Night

Newsroom returns tonight on HBO. I watch the show, and while its often well acted & written, it does have a bothersome range, careening from annoyingly preachy to genuinely interesting plot lines. While Aaron Sorkin’s writing is sharp, and his characters are mostly very good, I don’t want to discuss Newsroom. Rather than discuss that…Read More

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How the Weather Channel Forecasts What You’ll Buy

    WSJ: “The Weather Channel knows the chance for rain in St. Louis on Friday, what the heat index could reach in Santa Fe on Saturday and how humid Baltimore may get on Sunday. It also knows when you’re most likely to buy bug spray. The enterprise is transforming from a cable network viewers…Read More

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TDS: The Big Bank Fury

The SEC settles with big banks involved in the 2008 global financial crash and then brags about it. The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook (04:59)

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SEC vs. Fabulous Fab

Sleuths at the SEC prove mid-level Goldman Sachs trader Fabrice Tourre misled his investors during the global financial crisis.

The Colbert Report
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Wednesday August 7, 2013 (03:36)

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Pay Mas – Fast Food & Minimum Wage

Watch both of these, but the 2nd one is the killer:

Fast food workers agitate for higher wages and the right to unionize.

Pay Mas



Fast food workers demand increased wages and financial analyst Neil Cavuto shares details of his first job.


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Doctors Timeline for Doctor Who

Click to enlarge Source: Flowing Data

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Lewis Black: New York Versus Texas

“Don’t mess with Texas? No, don’t f**ck with New York!”


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A Brief Refresher on Glass Steagall

Last week, I referenced the Warren-McCain bill to restore Glass Steagall. Earlier this morning, we showed Senator Warren discussing the bill on CNBC. The Squawkbox anchors revealed such a shocking ignorance of history, that we are compelled to offer a brief refresher on what Glass Steagall does and does not do. (Kudos to Senator Warren…Read More

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