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US vs Canadian Bank Regulations: Money Boo Boo

Internal e-mails implicate credit rating agencies in the 2008 financial crisis.

Money Boo Boo

Monday June 24, 2013 (04:33)


Jason Jones teaches regulation-loving Canadian bankers the advantages of harmless free-market fun.

Money Boo Boo – The Canadian Banking System

Monday June 24, 2013 (05:49)

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Media Rules

If it’s not in the newspaper, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Just because the newspaper says it’s important, that doesn’t mean it is. Don’t confuse ink with traction. You can hire a PR person, be all over the media, and no one can care. Just because you’re on TV, don’t assume everyone’s seen you….Read More

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Best New TV Show of 2013: Maron

  I do a decent amount of flying for work. One of the things that passes the time on flights has been Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast. When I have 45 minutes to kill — too short for a movie but when I am too beat to read a book — its the perfect slice of…Read More

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Dylan Ratigan: Life After Cable News

Al Madrigal questions former MSNBC pundit Dylan Ratigan about leaving cable news for the less angry world of hydroponic farming.

Tuesday May 21, 2013 (05:39)

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Pumpcast News: Prank turns couple into Internet sensation

Part 1 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

via MSN

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The Mila Kunis Interview

10,135,014 views. (see video below) And they say to go on late night TV… Normalcy, it’s the new rock star persona. I mean what kind of crazy, f***ed up world do we live in where an actress is more honest and more real and delivers more personality than a musician? One in which music is…Read More

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Louis C.K. – Oh My God Trailer (HBO Special)

Tune in on Saturday, April 13th at 10PM for Louis C.K.’s new HBO Comedy special. Published on Mar 8, 2013 Connect with HBO on Facebook and Twitter: #louisckonHBO

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Grey Poupon “The Lost Footage”

Discover what really happened after one fine gentleman passed another fine gentleman a jar of GREY POUPON. Recently discovered under mysterious circumstances, this “lost footage” uncovers all of the suspense, greed, revenge and savory pork loin that was meant for the original commercial.

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60 Minutes: 40 Million Mistakes on Your Credit Report

The bottom line: The best way to get these errors fixed is to suffer some form of loss, than sue the bastards in Federal Court.


A new study indicates as many as 40 million consumers have a mistake on their credit report and Steve Kroft finds it’s hard to get them fixed.

February 10, 2013 4:00 PM


The ONE thing to know about your credit report

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Live, On Financial TV! Its the Jerry Springer Show!

On Friday, I was heading home from a long week on the road. Around lunchtime, I land at O’Hare where I went through U.S. customs (easy!) and then switch planes for the last leg home.

On the rail shuttle between terminals, I had a few minutes. I scroll through Twitter to see what was going on, and BAM! The Tweeps are ablaze with excitement, about the Best. Television. Ever.

This pissing match began on Bloomberg on Thursday, with Trish Regan interviewing Carl Icahn one-on-one (video, article). The next day, it moved to CNBC, where Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn had gotten into an even bigger pissing match, live on the air. The reaction was breathless: “Greatest Moment In Financial TV HistoryBusiness Insider declared.” HuffPo declared it an “Epic CNBC Brawl.”

And it wasn’t just the Content Farms pushing SEO driven headlines. Even the Christian Science Monitor wrote about “Bickering billionaires go public.”

Reading through the commentary was strangely disconnected. People seemed genuinely excited about things that were rather mundane (Cat fight!) and meaningless (Icahn said “Bullshit” on the air!). The excitement, odd though it might have been, was palpable. I thought, I must be missing something not seeing it on the tube. So the next day, I watched the full exchange online. (video, transcript) Three people having a conversation on TV — two of the three by telephone.

I was, to say the least, underwhelmed.
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