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Fed (Kansas City): Credit Scoring and Loan Default

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Around the World in 8,379 Foreign Entities

Around the World in 8,379 Foreign Entities Preston Mui and Friederike Niepmann Liberty Street Economics, August 2015       The largest U.S. financial institutions conduct business around the world, maintaining a strong presence through branches and subsidiaries in foreign countries. This blog post highlights trends in their foreign ownership over the past twenty-five years, complementing recent…Read More

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IMF: Systemic Risk: A New Trade-off for Monetary Policy?

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Top 10 Trump Rules

1. Money changes everything. If Donald Trump were poor, he’d have no traction. He gets attention, and in many cases a pass, because he’s a billionaire. That’s the nation we live in, one in which the rich have the power and the poor believe the loaded are better than they are. Or, that they too…Read More

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Macroprudential policy – from Tiberius to Crockett and beyond

Macroprudential policy – from Tiberius to Crockett and beyond Speech by Sir Jon Cunliffe Deputy Governor for Financial Stability of the Bank of England, TheCityUK, London 28 July 2015       Historians still argue about the exact causes of the financial crash of AD 33 that rocked the Roman Empire. The commentators of the day…Read More

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Monetary Policy Normalization in the United States

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Will Donald Trump Crack-up the Republican/Tea Party Alliance?

In an interview some years ago, I described the conservative and libertarian movements as all chiefs and no Indians. By this I meant that these movements, as they existed historically, were mostly just a tiny group of intellectuals writing for small circulation magazines and journals, without much of a public following. To be sure, a…Read More

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Liscio Report: Comments on July Employment

COMMENTS ON JULY EMPLOYMENT Philippa Dunne & Doug Henwood The Liscio Report, August 7, 2015     This is a report custom-designed for the dog days: little of interest to distract one from the important business of R&R, including, if you’re lucky, fishing. A bit on the weak side, perhaps – especially the household survey – but not…Read More

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