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$20 Oil? Not Sustainably . . .

$20 Oil? David R. Kotok September 14, 2015       One major investment house made news on Friday afternoon by lowering their forecast for the oil price to $20. Lots of arguments go into this forecast, and most of them have been repeated ad nauseam: Iran is increasing production; Saudi fears Iran and uses…Read More

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Does the Greenspan Era Provide Evidence on Leadership in the FOMC?

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Thinking About Market Risk

Seeing the market crash from a few weeks ago, it is clear how quickly the market can ferociously hurdle in front of one’s risk models.  Risk models that failed to safeguard against risk when it mattered the most.  Models that left many large hedge funds hemorrhaging - top funds which by definition were supposed to protect their investors in the August…Read More

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Ben Bernanke and the Zero Bound

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DOJ Admits: “We Got it Wrong”

Now the DOJ Admits They Got it Wrong William K. Black September 10, 2015       By issuing its new memorandum the Justice Department is tacitly admitting that its experiment in refusing to prosecute the senior bankers that led the fraud epidemics that caused our economic crisis failed. The result was the death of…Read More

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Are Markets Rallying Themselves Into a Fed Rate Hike?

If a higher stock market is the Fed’s implied 3rd mandate, then are we rallying into a rate hike next week? We’ll see but the 2 yr note yield this morning is up to .75%, up 4 bps this week and to the highest level since April ’11. In terms of market sentiment as a…Read More

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