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Imperfect Forward Secrecy: How Diffie-Hellman Fails in Practice

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Bubbles and Fools

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The Scary Debate Over Secular Stagnation

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FDIC: Payday Lending in America

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Payday Loans and Deposit Advance Products

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The Fed and the Discount Rate

October 21, 2015 by Bob Eisenbeis, Vice Chairman & Chief Monetary Economist A friend noted an interesting indicator yesterday of a growing split among FOMC participants. The clue is found in the little-read minutes of the Board of Governors’ meetings on the discount rate. For those who don’t know, each Federal Reserve Bank board of…Read More

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Payday Lending Abuses and Predatory Practices

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The Return of “Trudeau-mania”

The following electoral analysis is from David Rosenberg, lifelong resident of Toronto, former Chief Economist for Merrill Lynch North America, now Chief Strategist at Gluskin Sheff. You can reach Dave at  ~~~ The Liberals won 184 seats in the Canadian Federal election, a massive improvement over their 34 seat showing in 2011 — the gains…Read More

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October 19, 2015 Five Bad Reasons For The Fed To Raise Rates Now – And One Good Reason Not To A couple of days before the September 16-17 FOMC meeting, I happened to be listening to the NPR program, “On Point”, the subject of which was the appropriateness of a Fed policy interest rate increase…Read More

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A crisis in student loans?

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