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Why Has Consumption Been So Volatile in the New Millennium?

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The Debt Drama in Greece

The one undeniable truth about the debt drama in Greece is that each of the conventional narratives—financial, political and historical—has some claim of legitimacy. For example, spendthrift Greeks shunned fiscal discipline: here’s an account from 2011 that lays out the gory details: The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train: A special investigation into the EU-funded culture of…Read More

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Who Is Apple ?

Individuals matter. Jimmy Iovine willed Interscope to success. And Steve Jobs did the same with Apple. But now he’s gone and Apple is hurting. APPLE WATCH Tech is about a level playing ground, albeit an oftentimes expensive one. Everybody gets to eat at the buffet, as long as they can afford the entry ticket. But…Read More

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Interview with Stanford Economist Alvin Roth

Interview with Alvin Roth Stanford economist on matching theory, kidney markets and the importance of coffee Douglas Clement | Editor, The Region Published June 15, 2015   |  June 2015 issue       Interview conducted March 11, 2015 In “normal” markets, prices adjust to equate demand and supply; the market clears. This simple premise is at the core…Read More

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Fiscal Policy and the Long-Run Neutral Real Interest Rate

Fiscal Policy and the Long-Run Neutral Real Interest Rate Narayana Kocherlakota President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Bundesbank Conference Frankfurt, Germany, July 9, 2015         Thanks for the introduction and the invitation to be here today. In my remarks today, I will make three points about the U.S. economy. First, there has been…Read More

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Fat Tails and Nonlinearity

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What Do Rating Agencies Think about “Too-Big-to-Fail” Since Dodd-Frank? Gara Afonso and João Santos Liberty Street Economics JUNE 29, 2015     First in a two-part series Did the Dodd-Frank Act end ‘‘too-big-to-fail’’ (TBTF)? In this series of two posts, we look at this question through the lens of rating agencies and financial markets. Today…Read More

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Monetary Policy Normalization in the United States

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The Stimulative Effect of Redistribution

The Stimulative Effect of Redistribution Bart Hobijn and Alexander Nussbacher FRBSF Economic Letter June 29, 2015       Policymakers often consider temporarily redistributing income from rich to poor households to stimulate the economy. This is based in part on the idea that poor households spend a larger share of their income than rich ones do. However,…Read More

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Labor Force Participation: The U.S. and Its Peers

Labor Force Participation: The U.S. and Its Peers Monday, June 22, 2015 By Maximiliano Dvorkin, Economist, and Hannah Shell, Research Associate     The U.S. labor market has changed drastically over the past 50 years. As the following figure shows, the U.S. labor force participation rate1rapidly increased starting in the mid-1960s, peaked around 2000 and fell…Read More

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