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Business Inventories

April Business Inventories fell 1.1%, about in line with expectations and March was revised down by .2% to a decline of 1.3%. It’s the 6th straight month of 1% or more drops and reflects the dramatic inventory correction that our economy has experienced. At the same time, it provides the backdrop for the bullish camp’s case that the economy will get a lift from the subsequent inventory replenishment cycle. Because sales fell .3%, the inventory to sales ratio fell to 1.43 and is below the recent high of 1.46 in Jan which was the highest since 1996 but still remains well above the record low of 1.24 in Jan ’06. The drop in inventories was again led by the auto sector which is now down 17.4% y/o/y as plant shutdowns continue and it’s this sector in particular that may lead the eventual inventory restocking.

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Report card day for the US consumer

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a differentiation developing in the stock market with outperformance of those name’s that are exposed to growing inflation expectations and those co’s that have large exposure to overseas markets relative to those co’s that are US centric only, dependent on the US consumer and with little pricing power….Read More

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Fed Emails Bash BofA Chief

Excerpts “… Ken Lewis’ claim that they were surprised by the rapid growth of the losses seems somewhat suspect. At a minimum, it calls into question the adequacy of the due diligence process BAC has been doing in preparation for the takeover.” –Dec. 19 email from Timothy Clark, senior advisor in the Fed’s division of…Read More

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Focusing on the Wrong “Special Master”

Good Evening: The capital markets absorbed a flurry of news today and came away with only some minor indigestion. Stocks and bonds were on the defensive before each market made comebacks of varying degrees, while the dollar and commodities were firm before giving up some of their gains. Aside from a surprising drop in crude…Read More

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volume/upcoming big event

NYSE consolidated volume today is on track to be as lackluster as yesterday which, not including any holiday influence, was the slowest since the first trading week of January. What are we waiting for you ask with the S&P having already climbed the mountain of its 200 day moving average? I believe it’s the June…Read More

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As we await the results of today’s 10 yr bond auction to gauge sentiment on inflation, the US$, US government finances and foreign appetite for longer term treasuries, a less scientific take on inflation expectations is looking at the number of Google search results for Inflation and Deflation. Search results for Inflation total 40,500,000 and…Read More

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Special Master

White House spokesman Gibbs said the new compensation Czar Kenneth Feinberg, who will review “the soundness, the appropriateness” of compensation for top execs of companies receiving government aid, will take the role of “Special Master.” Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the rainbow.

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10 yr auction

The $19b reopening of the May 6th 10 yr auction was mixed as a higher than expected yield of 3.99% was needed to bring out the buyers where the bid to cover of 2.62 was the most since Sept ’07 and above the one yr average of about 2.30. The level of indirect bidders, mostly…Read More

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Gasoline prices, not again?

As if the US consumer didn’t have enough to worry about, following the DOE data, the front gasoline contract is rallying to the highest level since Oct 15th ’08. This morning, AAA said the national average for unleaded gasoline rose to $2.63, the most since Oct 28th ’08, up from the recent low of $1.62…Read More

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TARP Repayment — Some Questions for the “Perfect 10″

Good Evening: There has been no shortage of news items since I last wrote on June 2, but the S&P 500 today closed almost at the same price as it did one week ago. While equities have essentially moved sideways during this time frame, Treasury yields, the dollar, and commodity prices have all risen to…Read More

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