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Long-Term Interest Rates: A Survey

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The Bacon Cheeseburger Index

Nicholas Colas, Chief Market Strategist of Convergex, writes a daily preview/analysis for institutional clients.  This is a sample of his work; contact info below.   ~~~~ The history of the hamburger is lost to the fog of human memory, but culinary historians have pieced together a likely migration path starting with the Mongol Empire and…Read More

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Regulation and Liquidity Provision

Regulation and Liquidity Provision September 30, 2015 William C. Dudley, President and Chief Executive Officer Remarks at the SIFMA Liquidity Forum, New York City As prepared for delivery       The financial crisis and the ensuing recession exacted a high cost on the country.  Real gross domestic product (GDP) declined by over a half…Read More

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Medicare Part D pays needlessly high brand-name drug prices

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Good News Is Bad News: Leverage Cycles and Sudden Stops

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Who Works Part-Time?

Who Works Part-Time? Lela Somoza and Ellyn Terry Not all part-time workers are underemployed. As the economic recovery continues to strengthen, policymakers have often pointed to the stubbornly high share of Americans who report working part-time for economic reasons, which many consider to be a key indicator of slack. It may surprise some, then, that…Read More

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Yogi Berra

He was a team player in a world where stars dominated. The press was all about Mickey, but it was Yogi who we loved. And kept on loving long after his playing days were through, because although he was a member of the jockocracy, Yogi danced to the beat of his own drummer, he was…Read More

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Can We Rely on Market-Based Inflation Forecasts?

Can We Rely on Market-Based Inflation Forecasts? Michael D. Bauer and Erin McCarthy FRBSF Economic Letter, September 21, 2015         A substantial decline in market-based measures of inflation expectations has raised concerns about low future inflation. An important question to address is whether the forecasts based on market information are as accurate…Read More

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Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2014

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Are Bank Holding Companies Mimicking the Fed’s Stress Test Results?

Are BHCs Mimicking the Fed’s Stress Test Results? Angela Deng, Beverly Hirtle, and Anna Kovner Liberty Street Economics, September 21, 2015           In March, the Federal Reserve and thirty-one large bank holding companies (BHCs) disclosed their annual Dodd-Frank Act stress test (DFAST) results. This is the third year in which both the…Read More

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