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BIS: Currency movements drive reserve composition


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Two Sectors & Two Observations

Two Sectors & Two Observations David R. Kotok December 16, 2014     Two Sectors.   As we approach 2015, two standout sectors remain overweight in our US ETF (exchange-traded fund) portfolios. They are the Utilities and the Transportation sectors. Both sectors are largely domestic American businesses. (Most of the companies in the ETFs that…Read More

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ADB: Asia and Global Production Networks

Source: ADB: “Asia and Global Production Networks”

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IMF: An Overview of Macroprudential Policy Tools

From IMF: “An Overview of Macroprudential Policy Tools”: Macroprudential policies – caps on loan to value ratios, limits on credit growth and other balance sheets restrictions, (countercyclical) capital and reserve requirements and surcharges, and Pigouvian levies – have become part of the policy paradigm in emerging markets and advanced countries alike. A long-standing puzzle in…Read More

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New Evidence: US Government Intentionally Lied Us Into Iraq War

Alleged Meeting Between 9/11 Hijacker and Iraqi Official Was Debunked by U.S. Intelligence Agencies Before It Was Trumpeted As War Justification … U.S. Pressured Czech Government to Lie There is extensive evidence that the U.S. government intentionally lied us into the Iraq war. Here’s a quick refresher: Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind reported that the…Read More

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Transportation Infrastructure Investment

Transportation Infrastructure Investment: Macroeconomic and Industry Contribution of the Federal Highway and Mass Transit Program Transportation Infrastructure Investment: Macroeconomic and Industry Contribution of the Federal Highway and Mass Transit Program from artba

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Global Asset Prices and the Taper Tantrum Revisited

Global Asset Prices and the Taper Tantrum Revisited Jan Groen Liberty Street Economics, December 08, 2014   Global asset market developments during the summer of 2013 have been attributed to changes in the outlook for U.S. monetary policy, starting with former Chairman Bernanke’s May 22 comments concerning future curtailing of the Federal Reserve’s asset purchase…Read More

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Torture: An Executive Summary

What You Need to Know .. There’s a media storm regarding the Senate torture report … appropriately. But much of the report was redacted by the CIA and White House. Here’s what you need to know … Initially, the torture was widespread and systemic. And it wasn’t just bad guys who were tortured: The commander…Read More

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Peter Pan, Oil & Portfolio Management

“Peter Pan, Oil & Portfolio Management” David R. Kotok December 8, 2014       Magic ensued when Mary Martin flew across the stage as Peter Pan. The audience was spellbound, and Broadway theater soared to a new height in wonder. The fog of this memory parts for me to recall her flying across the…Read More

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Getting On The Right Track

1. Focus on music not money. There’s too much talk about grosses and too much bitching about Spotify. Amazon rolls out robots and we all ooh and ahh, there’s forward motion in the music business and everybody complains. Change is inevitable, the future comes, the social landscape will be rearranged…best to acknowledge this and move…Read More

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