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Debt, Jobs, or Housing: What’s Keeping Millennials at Home?

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Montier: The World’s Dumbest Idea

The World’s Dumbest Idea John Mauldin December 4, 2014       In today’s Outside the Box the redoubtable James Montier of GMO lifts his lance to prick the underbelly of the Mighty SVM. (That’s Shareholder Value Maximization, for you newbies.) “The world’s dumbest idea” (among many candidates in the world of finance), says James,…Read More

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The 2015 Economic Outlook and the Implications for Monetary Policy

The 2015 Economic Outlook and the Implications for Monetary Policy December 1, 2014 William C. Dudley, President and Chief Executive Officer Remarks at Bernard M. Baruch College, New York City     It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak here today.  In my remarks, I will focus on the 2015 economic outlook…Read More

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Oil-Part 2

Oil-Part 2 David R. Kotok December 2, 2014       Correction to Oil-Part 1: Astute readers noted an error in Part 1. The corrected passage should read, “Budgets of many foreign countries are coming under duress. Civil unrest is likely to increase in those countries due to their inability to fund subsidies that have…Read More

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Debunking the Myth: War Is Bad for the Economy

Nobel Prize Winning Economists, Federal Reserve Chair and Other Top Experts: War Is BAD for the Economy notes: One of the more enduring myths in Western society is that wars are somehow good for the economy. It is vital for policy-makers, economists and the public to have access to a definitive analysis to…Read More

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Monetary Policy When the Spyglass Is Smudged

Monetary Policy When the Spyglass Is Smudged Early Elias, Helen Irvin, and Òscar Jordà FRBSF, 2014-35 November 24, 2014     An accurate measure of economic slack is key to properly calibrating monetary policy. Two traditional gauges of slack have become harder to interpret since the Great Recession: the gap between output and its potential…Read More

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Big Banks Manipulate Physical MarketsPrices

Giant Banks Take Over Real Economy As Well As Financial System … Enabling Manipulation On a Vast Scale Top economists, financial experts and bankers say that the big banks are too large … and their very size is threatening the economy.  They say we need to break up the big banks to stabilize the economy. …Read More

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IRA Contributions Held Up by Washington Turkeys

IRA Contributions Held Up by Washington Turkeys David R. Kotok Cumberland Advisors November 26, 2014     The spirit of Thanksgiving notwithstanding, our dysfunctional federal government is in the throes of turmoil. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader (soon to be minority leader) Harry Reid are embroiled in an outright war. In the House, a…Read More

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3-Star General: We’ve Lost the Wars In Iraq & Afghanistan

3-Star General Who Helped Lead War On Terror: We’ve Lost the Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan “That Would Be Four Times Biting That Poison Apple: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Then Iraq Again” 3-star General Daniel Bolger helped to lead the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The first sentence of his new book - Why We Lost:…Read More

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Gauging the Impact of the Small Business Lending Fund

Gauging the Impact of the Small Business Lending Fund Kristle Cortés and Sara Millington Economic Trends, 11.25.14     ~~~~ The Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF) was created in 2010 to encourage small business lending by providing capital to qualified community banks. The Treasury provides banks with capital by purchasing Tier 1-qualifying preferred stock or…Read More

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