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Some recent trades

Last night on Kudlow, I mentioned I would fade the opening move. We’re not day traders, so I didn’t take my own advice — but its apparent that the market is not happy with the NFP data.

As we mentioned earlier today, yields and equities shouldn’t be moving in lockstep. Apparently, the bond ghouls have awoken from their winter hibernation. The 10 year is a stones throw from 5.00%. Its funny how stocks ignored yields all this time; Suddenly, stocks are finally reacting to the shift upwards yields. 5% yield drives the Fed, attracts cash to CDs and fixed income products, and makes coprorate borrowing  more expensive, hurting earnings.

A 5% yield is not a stock friendly number . . .

Over the past week, however, I have been trading (and trading around) some positions; Here’s a few recent ideas:

Since today’s NFP had the potential for causing a big gap, I closed a few trades out earlier this week

-The good move was selling the IBM over $84 on 4/5;
-The bad was closing the short of the QQQQs yesterday (doh!) — it was opened on the Libby news;
-I am long the May $43 QQQQ puts and the VIX calls May $12.50s;

The two newest positions opened are Maylasia and Taiwan: I’ll update this later today

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