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World’s Tallest Tower


Dubai Opens a Tower to Beat All
NYT, January 4, 2010

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My Year in Cities 2009

Over at kottke, Jason looks at where her traveled to this year: Places where he spent one or more nights. Between business and book related travel, my list for 2009 is probably bigger than any 5 prior years in my life, combined: Boston, MA Detroit MI New York, NY Los Angeles, CA Vancouver, BC Canada…Read More

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Forbes Conference

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend, with good food, family and safe travels. I am off to a Forbes conference this week with uber Bear Gary Shilling, Steve Forbes, and others. Normal posting, along with a few special guest posts, is expected.

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Fed Reserve Endorses “Crony Communism” for Wealthy

Here’s a candidate for the understatement of the year: The Federal Reserve is concerned that their free-wheeling, money-printing, dollar-destroying, quantitative-easing, zero-percent interest rate policy might be “fueling undue financial-market speculation.” Do ya think? The Fed is a serial bubble blower worse yet, they have refused to hold the most aggressive and damaging speculators accountable for…Read More

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Back in the USSA

Ahhh, its good to be back in the USSA (United States Socialists of America), where profits are private but all the risks are socialized! I am settling back into my routine, but a few final thoughts from Berlin (my overview from the trip is here). The general impression I got in Europe was that the…Read More

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Ich bein ein Berliner

Whenever I travel, I like to do a full economic assessment of the locale, a post-trip post-mortem. Oftentimes, it is not worth writing up, but Berlin was fascinating enough to jot some thoughts down. Quite a few things were memorable from this trip. (I’ll post some photos later below) Berlin is a world class city,…Read More

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What To Do in Berlin?

Wholly unrelated to the prior post (US Job Hunters Look Overseas) I am leaving this evening for Berlin, to speak at a CityWire Conference . I’m flying back Friday, but over the course of 3 days, I will have one morning, one afternoon and one evening free. What’s fun to do in Berlin?

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Damn Annoying: Traveling the US by Air


Here I am.

Winging my way back from a long business trip – I left 10 days ago, and with any luck, will finally stumble home some time in the wee hours Wednesday.

The experience was a whirlwind tour of the best and worst airports, airlines and aircraft the friendly skys have to offer. Perhaps there is something of value you can find in this. Otherwise, I just spilled ~1,300 words from seat 1A for naught.

First leg: Continental from LaGuardia: We leave November 10 – damned daylight savings day. Our early 6:35am flight becomes 5:35 am – an ungodly hour to travel, even with the bonus “fall back” hour. Paranoid I would arrive late, I get picked up extra early, and dropped off at La Guardia for Continental flight 633 to Dallas by way of Houston a little after 4am.

The Continental desk is a mess – there is a huge line, except for those who got an online boarding pass. I selected seats on the phone with an agent, but I do not recall the suggestion to print boarding passes (That might have been helpful). Because the tickets were booked via Orbitz, the upgrade to 1st class is $857. No thanks.

Without the printed boarding tickets, we must endure this l o n g line. Despite being there 90 minutes before the flight, I begin to wonder if we are going to make the plane.

If this an attempt at behavior modification, to encourage people to print e-boarding passes, it may have backfired. I make two mental notes: 1) Always print out the boarding pass; 2) Don’t fly Continental anymore.

45 minutes later, we are at the desk. We pay $20 per bag. I ask about the upgrade to 1st class (the machine says $150), but the harried agent suggests we can do it at the desk. We breeze through security, but at the gate, they tell us its $857.

Fuck Continental.

At least I reserved an emergency aisle, so the 3 hour flight has extra leg room. Reiterate the don’t fly Continental mental note. (Flight quality B+, Check in experience F)

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Smart People, Big Ideas, Wild Experiences

This has been a helluva week of travel — NY to Dallas to Austin to Detroit. This post is set to launch after I takeoff for San Francisco. I will return home early next week. My mind is brimming with ideas — About asset management, travel, investing, politics, speaking engagements, food. I had many stimulating…Read More

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Off to Dallas

Lite posting today — flying into the Big D. See you at the Cowboys game. More later . . .

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