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WTF Podcasts – Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks

We all have lots of ways to make travel less arduous. If you don’t have access to a Tardis or the next best thing — a Gulfstream G5 — then you know how arduous aircraft travel can be.

Sometimes you are just too tired to read, too fidgety to watch a movie. DVDs of youe favorite shows help, unless you are stuck on some 20 year old Delta flying museum without access to power.

One of favorite hacks to make the time pass pleasurably has been Mark Maron’s WTF. Its interesting, intelligent and often outright hilarious.

On the trip out to Denver, I killed two hours listening to him interview (if thats the right word) Mel Brooks. The next night, heading to Vancouver, I heard him chat with Carl Reiner.

Both are fantastic sessions.

I’ve managed to get to maybe 50 of these in my travels. Some are 30 minute quickies, others (like these two) run hours. All are entertaining, many are brilliant.

Check ‘em out.



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Source: WTF with Marc Maron


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Independent Thought: Earning Your Free Will

Ahhh, sleeping in my own bed — such a delight. After a trip to Denver for an FA Mag conference and then onto to Vancouver for the Agora event, I am back home again. It is just for a week, and then I head off to my annual Maine fishing event. Travel is good for…Read More

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What to Do in Denver Over the Weekend?

I am going to be in Denver this weekend for the F-A Alternatives Conference, and I find myself with some time to kill. Any suggestions what to do in Denver ?

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Fly a Real Fighter Jet for Fun

Source: CNNMoney

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Repairing infrastructure can help repair economy

If you have spent much time traveling around the United States, you likely have noticed that our infrastructure looks a bit worn and tired and in need of some refreshing. If you spend much time traveling around the world, however, you will notice that our infrastructure is shockingly bad. So bad that it’s not an…Read More

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The Best Places to Fly This Summer

Click to enlarge Source: WSJ   Graphic from the WSJ — a bit more fun than their usual fare.

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The Grand Tour of Asia

Click to virtual experience Source: Conde Nast Traveler

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Dubai’s Iconic Skyline as You Rarely See It

Click to enlarge Source: AOL Hat tip Kid Lane!

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How the USA Ended up with only 4 Airlines

The various bankruptcies and mergers have reduced the major U.S. airlines down to four mega-carriers:   click for ginormous graphic Source: CNN/Money

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Google’s New iPhone Map App

David Pogue reviews Google’s newly released map app for the iPhone. December 12, 2012By David Pogue and Fritzie Andrade

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