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Dear Lord, No Cell Phones on Airplanes.

There will be blood. And fights, and cell phones deservedly jammed up peoples nether regions.

It is the busiest travel day of the year today. I for one am giving thanks that we are staying local with the sibs instead of flying to Chicago as we typically do. As problematic as the weather is this year, I am much more concerned about the latest possible FAA rules allowing unrestricted cell phones on planes.

For so many reasons obvious to anyone who flies regularly or is not a government bureaucrat, this is a terrible idea. Expect regular brawls to break out at 30,000 feet. Six sky marshals per plane at a minimum will be costly; so too will the new standard issue tranquilizer dart guns for the flight crews.


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TDS Pizza War: New York vs Chicago

I am a born and bred New Yorker who loves our pizza. But I also appreciate Chicago pizza like Eduardo’s and Malnati’s. These segments not only resonated, but were hilarious: Chicago takes exception to Jon’s rant against the Windy City’s signature deep-dish cuisine. Strife of Pie The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The…Read More

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NY Subway Signs Experiment

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One Day in New York

Source: NY Mag hat tip Mr. Digression

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Porsche 918 Spyder Sets Speed Nurburgring Record

One week before serial production, Porsche’s 918 Spyder, a gas-electric plug-in hybrid, set a course speed record at the infamous Nurburgring motorsports complex. WSJ’s “Rumble Seat” columnist Dan Neil weighs in on the secrets to the Spyder’s success.

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Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat


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Easter Island Heads Have BODIES

Verified by Snopes: Click to enlarge Source: Daily Mail See also: British archaeologists solve the mystery of the Easter Island red hats (DailyMail)

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Secret Life of Business Class Seats

Jad Mouawad visits B/E Aerospace to see the technology behind business class seats.
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Sea Ray 350 SLX Preview

THIS IS A BADASS BOAT: Click to enlarge • Seating for 18. • Available Dynamic Running Surface and Axius joystick technology deliver adaptable performance underway and simple docking. • Optional raised Manta bow shades. • 160 fuel gallon. Source: Marine Max

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WTF Podcasts – Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks

We all have lots of ways to make travel less arduous. If you don’t have access to a Tardis or the next best thing — a Gulfstream G5 — then you know how arduous aircraft travel can be. Sometimes you are just too tired to read, too fidgety to watch a movie. DVDs of youe…Read More

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