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NY Subway Signs Experiment

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One Day in New York

Source: NY Mag hat tip Mr. Digression

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Porsche 918 Spyder Sets Speed Nurburgring Record

One week before serial production, Porsche’s 918 Spyder, a gas-electric plug-in hybrid, set a course speed record at the infamous Nurburgring motorsports complex. WSJ’s “Rumble Seat” columnist Dan Neil weighs in on the secrets to the Spyder’s success.

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Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat


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Easter Island Heads Have BODIES

Verified by Snopes: Click to enlarge Source: Daily Mail See also: British archaeologists solve the mystery of the Easter Island red hats (DailyMail)

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Secret Life of Business Class Seats

Jad Mouawad visits B/E Aerospace to see the technology behind business class seats.
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Sea Ray 350 SLX Preview

THIS IS A BADASS BOAT: Click to enlarge • Seating for 18. • Available Dynamic Running Surface and Axius joystick technology deliver adaptable performance underway and simple docking. • Optional raised Manta bow shades. • 160 fuel gallon. Source: Marine Max

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WTF Podcasts – Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks

We all have lots of ways to make travel less arduous. If you don’t have access to a Tardis or the next best thing — a Gulfstream G5 — then you know how arduous aircraft travel can be. Sometimes you are just too tired to read, too fidgety to watch a movie. DVDs of youe…Read More

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Independent Thought: Earning Your Free Will

Ahhh, sleeping in my own bed — such a delight. After a trip to Denver for an FA Mag conference and then onto to Vancouver for the Agora event, I am back home again. It is just for a week, and then I head off to my annual Maine fishing event. Travel is good for…Read More

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What to Do in Denver Over the Weekend?

I am going to be in Denver this weekend for the F-A Alternatives Conference, and I find myself with some time to kill. Any suggestions what to do in Denver ?

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