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Solved: UFOs, Loch Ness Monster, Ghosts & Bigfoot

Percentage of US population carrying cameras everywhere they go:


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50 Common Misquotations

A weekly show hosted by John Green, where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at 50 common misquotations and misattributions.

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Krugman: Science and Pseudoscience in Economics

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Source: Point of Inquiry

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Apple Closing = $500 is Not Proof of Conspiracy

One emailer is an oddity, two a coincidence, three emails plus a respected tech site means this is a full blown trend. Thus, I am compelled to address this: There seems to be a bit of paranoia circulating amongst the intelligentsia ignoramia that the mere fact that Apple’s stock closed at precisely $500 on Friday…Read More

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US Navy Chief Oceanographer: I Was Formerly a Climate Skeptic


Longer form video from U.S. Navy, RADM David Titley

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Global Warming Debate is No Debate At All

Funny thing happens sometimes when you look at who the witnesses are in a public policy debate . . .   These Groups Say The Danger Of Manmade Global Warming Is A . . . FACT FRAUD U.S. Agency for International Development United States Department of Agriculture National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration National Institute of…Read More

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Ending the Silence on Climate Change

Climate change communication expert Anthony Leiserowitz explains why climate change gets the silent treatment, and what we should do about it.

January 4, 2013

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QOTD: On Bias, Correlation and Objectivity

I love the way this unfolds: Someone did a study — I have no idea if its serious or not –  that suggested eating more chocolate improves a nation’s chances of producing Nobel Prize winners. One of the Nobel prize winners responded with the appropriate amount of snark: “Eric Cornell, who won the Nobel Prize…Read More

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A Closer Look at Mythology

Knocking on wood & getting no reply. Source: This is indexed

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Ice Melting at North AND South Poles

Dear denialists:

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The collapse of an ice bridge at the South Pole and record thinning of Arctic ice at the North Pole, indicate the global climate is warming faster than thought, and prompts international calls for action.

April 6

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