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Does Water Have Memory? (No)

The answer is No — this appears to be a thoroughly disproven concept.

Hat tip @Lippard for the correction

Water — just a liquid or much more? Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of “memory” by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.

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A Map of Organized Climate Change Denial

Discuss: > Source:: A Map of Organized Climate Change Denial NYT, October 2, 2011

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You’re ‘Confusing Our Viewers’ On Climate Change

Just days after Hurricane Irene swept up the East Coast, causing massive flooding in Vermont and leading to almost 40 deaths, Fox Business Network personality Charles Payne just had to ask, is global warming really to blame?

His guest, Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” said there is evidence to suggest it is a result of global warming, but that climatologists will need more time to fully connect the dots. Nye went on to lay out in plain terms some of the facts of climate change, including rising temperatures in the Pacific ocean. The two debated a Newsweek story claiming radical weather is the “new normal,” with Payne asking Nye if that was “irresponsible, or is there any science behind it?”

Well, Nye said, “there’s a lot more science behind it than saying it’s not.”

“The world is getting warmer,” he added. “Everybody, the world is getting warmer.” Nye went on to give some context to former Vice President Al Gore’s remarks comparing global warming skepticism to 20th century racism before Payne said, “you’re confusing our viewers.”

Watch the video:

You’re ‘Confusing Our Viewers’ On Climate Change
Talking Points Memo

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War on Knowledge

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News Flash: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Fareed Zakaria has reached the terribly obvious and long overdue conclusion that the right wing in the US is a fantasy-based denier of reality. Whoopee. After years of globally embarrassing foolishness, a cowed and cowardly media is belatedly showing signs of speaking Truth to Power. For his observation that the earth is round, serious people…Read More

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Climate Change: Fact or Fraud Conference (postponed)

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Harold Camping is Oh-fer-Two

I wanted to point out that the loon of the moment, Harold Camping is now hitless after two at bats. The religious zealot/jackass made a similar end of world prediction in 1994, which if memory serves failed to come to pass. And it is an otherwise delightful evening, no Armageddon anywhere in sight . ….Read More

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Camping: World Will End in September 1994 May 21 2011

Harold Camping on Larry King Live “1994?” Pt 1/3

Harold Camping on Larry King Live “1994?” Pt 2/3

Harold Camping on Larry King Live “1994?” Pt 3/3

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Google Trends: Rapture vs “World End May 21″

The Rapture (in blue) beats “World End May 21″ (red)  — at least on Google Trends. What chance did Harold Camping’s end of days have versus 2000 years of Armageddon fear mongering? The Rapture folk know the first rule of forecasting — hence the indefinite date for the World’s end versus getting too specific. Coming…Read More

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End of Worlders: Classic Game Theory Error

There is an Evangelist named Harold Camping, who claims the world will end tomorrow. He has violated the first rule of forecasting: You can give a price target ($0) or a date (tomorrow) but never both at once. Besides, the end of world forecast carries additional risks. People have been making Armageddon forecasts for, like,…Read More

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