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Updating ATLAS SHRUGGED for the Financial Crisis

Friday flame bait:

Has ever a more pedantic, tedious tome been penned by any theorist before or since Atlas Shrugged? The odious combination of ideological rigidity and academic purity makes for a compelling manifesto for the naive and weak-minded.

The work has become the Das Kapital of the 20th century . . . Both were wrong, too long, and poorly written — and each has proven to be wildly destructive to the political economy.

Ironically, only one has been shown to be damaging to capitalism itself — and that wasn’t Marx’s s work, it was Rand’s.

Which makes this McSweeney parody all the more hysterical:

“How he hated his debased need for her, he who loathed self-sacrifice but would give up everything he valued to get in her pants … Did she know?

“I heard the thugs in Washington were trying to take your Rearden metal at the point of a gun,” she said. “Don’t let them, Hank. With your advanced alloy and my high-tech railroad, we’ll revitalize our country’s failing infrastructure and make big, virtuous profits.”

“Oh, no, I got out of that suckers’ game. I now run my own hedge-fund firm, Rearden Capital Management.”


He stood and adjusted his suit jacket so that his body didn’t betray his shameful weakness. He walked toward her and sat informally on the edge of her desk. “Why make a product when you can make dollars? Right this second, I’m earning millions in interest off money I don’t even have.”

He gestured to his floor-to-ceiling windows, a symbol of his productive ability and goodness.

“There’s a whole world out there of byzantine financial products just waiting to be invented, Dagny. Let the leeches run my factories into the ground! I hope they do! I’ve taken out more insurance on a single Rearden Steel bond than the entire company is even worth! When my old company finally tanks, I’ll make a cool $877 million.”

Their eyes locked with an intensity she was only beginning to understand. Yes, Hank … claim me … If we’re to win the battle against the leeches, we must get it on … right now … Don’t let them torture us for our happiness … or our billions.”

Attention college students and young Alan Greenspan/Phil Gramm-wannabees: The book is shite. Get over it.


Hat tip: Matt


McSweeney’s, November 20, 2008

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Goal: Increase Minority Homeowners by 5.5 Million in a Decade

Here’s the deal: I have a hundred more speeches and clippings from George W. Bush about setting goals for minority home ownership. If the wingnuts insist, I will roll out a speech aday until january 20th, 2009.

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Doozy Duesenberg

The sturm und drang of the many extremists

The ideological imperative coming out of hard core Lately,

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Dark Matter Revisited

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Alaska is Melting . . .

It seems that the melting polar ice is becoming more of a concern to Alaskans than those of us in the lower 48. click for larger graphic courtesy of  Anchorage Daily News > Thank goodness there’s no Global Warming — imagine how much more of Alaska would be melting if there was! > See also:…Read More

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Global Weather Volatility is a Strong Buy (Short UnScience)

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