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Attack of the invisible hand of the free market!

Hat tip The Mess That Greenspan Made

via Salon

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Updating ATLAS SHRUGGED for the Financial Crisis

Friday flame bait: Has ever a more pedantic, tedious tome been penned by any theorist before or since Atlas Shrugged? The odious combination of ideological rigidity and academic purity makes for a compelling manifesto for the naive and weak-minded. The work has become the Das Kapital of the 20th century . . . Both were…Read More

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Goal: Increase Minority Homeowners by 5.5 Million in a Decade

Here’s the deal: I have a hundred more speeches and clippings from George W. Bush about setting goals for minority home ownership. If the wingnuts insist, I will roll out a speech aday until january 20th, 2009.

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Putting the Dog Back in Dogma

Sturm und Drang

Doozy Duesenberg

The sturm und drang of the many extremists

The ideological imperative coming out of hard core Lately,

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Federal Reserve Director on the CRA

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Variant Perception in Science

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Dark Matter Revisited

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Alaska is Melting . . .

It seems that the melting polar ice is becoming more of a concern to Alaskans than those of us in the lower 48. click for larger graphic courtesy of  Anchorage Daily News > Thank goodness there’s no Global Warming — imagine how much more of Alaska would be melting if there was! > See also:…Read More

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Global Weather Volatility is a Strong Buy (Short UnScience)

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