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What NYC’s Very Own Silicon Alley Will Look Like

Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu reports that Cornel University is building a silicon alley to boost New York City’s tech sector. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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India Startup Report

Back in 2011, we showed The China Startup Report — a crash course by Bowei Gai. He is now traveling to 29 countries to analyze the market trends, opportunities and financial resources available to entrepreneurs in each ecosystem.     India Startup Report from World Startup Report

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Billion Dollar Startups

Click for full graphic Source: Inforgraphix Directory

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Startup DNA

Startup DNA: the formula behind successful startups in Silicon Valley. These are my personal observations on a few traits that make startups successful. Startup DNA from Yevgeniy Brikman by Yevgeniy Brikman on Feb 10, 2013

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BBC: Tomorrow’s World

Via the Beebs, we see this monster graphic showing what the future might hold
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Kedrosky: Six Trends Startups Must Cope With in 2013

Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses his predictions for technology startups. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Source: Bloomberg Jan 4, 2013

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Google Ventures for 2012

Source: Googleventures Blog Hat tip Venture Beat

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Naval Ravikant: How I Changed The Jobs Act

Source: Pando Daily

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The Pandora Letter He’s on the wrong side. His own. Read any financial analysis and you’ll learn investors are not bullish on Pandora, because it pays most of its income in royalties. Is this the listener’s problem? Is this the artist’s problem? Is this anything but Tim Westergren’s problem? If you want to screw others, if you…Read More

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What The F**k Is Lean Startup And Why Should I Care?

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