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NYC startup scene

by André M. König on Jul 17, 2013

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The Sharing Economy

Final le web london (june 2013) from Mark Suster by Mark Suster on Jun 09, 2013

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Tesla Model S Cold Weather Range Test Norway

We attempt to drive the Tesla Model S from Oslo, the capitol of Norway, to Geilo. The journey is only 270 kms, but with a climb of 800 metres and freezing temperatures. The test car is a US-spec Model S without cold weather spec. Hat tip: Market Clues

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Possible versus Probable

Its Friday, and has become my wont, this is the day of the week I like to kick back, wax philosophical about various thoughts kicking about me noggin. One of the things that I have been noticing of late is the way so many people seem to confuse facts with forecasts. Twitter is rife with…Read More

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Risk-Taking: Real Economy vs Wall Street

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risk taking
Source: Yahoo


Real Economy Avoids Risk-Taking as Wall Street Embraces It:

“Has the intrepid American entrepreneur turned timid? Is the courageous, risk-embracing business pioneer becoming like the cowboy: a popular icon of a bygone time rather than a reflection of what America has become?

We might not be quite there. But there is a broad array of evidence, much of it hashed out in a long Wall Street Journal feature, that American workers and companies have grown more risk-averse in recent years.

Companies are less eager to expand payrolls to grow; the rate of small-business creation has ebbed; investment in startups is sluggish; workers are less likely to leave a job for a better opportunity; families aren’t as willing to move to a part of the country with more vibrant economic prospects. If these trends persist, it will restrain the pace of long-term economic growth.”

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Nikola Tesla Pitching Silicon Valley VCs

Here is what would have happened if Nikola Tesla had to pitch some Silicon Valley venture capitalists to get started:


hat tip boingboing

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Startups Are Not Disruptive — The Global Rich Get Richer

In the closing keynote of NEXT Berlin 2013, acclaimed science-fiction author and journalist Bruce Sterling tackled a variety of topics like design fiction, start-up culture, and the mass adoption of disruptive technology. He sees science fiction as a form of design – design fiction that is part of the start-up.

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What NYC’s Very Own Silicon Alley Will Look Like

Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu reports that Cornel University is building a silicon alley to boost New York City’s tech sector. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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India Startup Report

Back in 2011, we showed The China Startup Report — a crash course by Bowei Gai. He is now traveling to 29 countries to analyze the market trends, opportunities and financial resources available to entrepreneurs in each ecosystem.     India Startup Report from World Startup Report

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Billion Dollar Startups

Click for full graphic Source: Inforgraphix Directory

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