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Technology Footprint: Starting Up in New York

At a friend’s house for a Christmas day party (yesterday), I speak with her 20-something nephew, who has worked at several NY area start ups. I mentioned this map, and he said it misses lots of small and newer start ups — the density is even greater.

I believe 2011 was the year NYC start ups received more invested Venture Capital money than Boston for the first time. Given the massive difference in size, that is fairly astonishing.


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Source: NYT

Re-engineering New York: More Than a Sci-Fi Dream?
GINIA BELLAFANTE November 18, 2011

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The Myth Of The Long Tail

Just because everything’s available, that does not mean anybody wants it. In other words, you can get your song on iTunes, but nobody other than your mother and your boyfriend might buy it. Furthermore, when you try and market it, you’ll find resistance. A public hyped ad infinitum has a shit detector nonpareil, but it’s…Read More

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Networked Society ‘On the Brink’

In On The Brink we discuss the past, present and future of connectivity with a mix of people including David Rowan, chief editor of Wired UK; Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr; and Eric Wahlforss, the co-founder of Soundcloud. Each of the interviewees discusses the emerging opportunities being enabled by technology as we enter the Networked Society. Concepts such as borderless opportunities and creativity, new open business models, and today’s ‘dumb society’ are brought up and discussed.

Hat tip GigaOm

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Jim Goetz: Y Combinator’s Startup School @Stanford

Source: Jim Goetz At Y Combinator’s Startup School At Stanford by Sequoia Capital

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The China Startup Report

A 15-minute Crash Course by Bowei Gai (October 2011) The China Startup Report View more presentations from Bowei Gai

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Dropbox startup lessons learned 2011

Dropbox startup lessons learned 2011 View more presentations from Eric Ries

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An Entrepreneur’s Three Secrets to Success

David Gilmour, one of the world’s most prolific entrepreneurs, shares his three key secrets of success in an interview with WSJ’s Robert Frank.

WSJ 10/12/2011 9:00:00 AM

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Understanding Dilution, Start Up Edition

Via TechCrunch:

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Web Equity

Originals here:

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What’s The Profile Of The Typical Entrepreneur?

Click to enlarge: Source: What’s the profile of the typical entrepreneur? Social Beast, September 1, 2011

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