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Examining Ways to End the Financial Crisis

Office of Thrift Supervision Director John Reich discusses his thoughts on the best way to use government funds to end the financial crisis. He says government money may be better spent creating jobs than modifying mortgages.


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The Stock Market’s Crash

As WSJ’s David Gaffen recounts, it was such an ugly year on Wall Street that trading on the stock market may never be the same again.


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Interview with Harvard University Professor Martin Feldstein

Good long (14 minute) interview with Martin Feldstein:

Feldstein Discusses: Auto Bailout Near Agreement, How to Fix the Housing Market as Well as Fannie and Freddie, and 3-Month T-Bills Rates Below Zero

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The Walking Zombies of Wall Street

WSJ’s Dennis Berman tells colleague Evan Newmark that although tens of thousands of people have managed to hold on to their jobs, there isn’t much work to go around. Instead, he says, Wall Streeters are working to appear busy.


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The 12 Days of Bailouts

You knew this was coming.

December 8, 2008, 1:12 PM

Hat tip Economix

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A Dour Year for Real Estate Market

It was a difficult year in real estate. And, as WSJ’s Alex Frangos explains, it’s unlikely to get any better as a looming crisis in commercial real estate is on the way.


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Inside Look: Housing Crisis

Outlook for Loan Modifications – Live! From Housing Forum in Washington D.C.: Interview with PIMCO Managing Director Scott Simon

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Market Rallies for Second Session

Barron’s Mike Santoli notes the market has rallied for two days despite bad economic news, but some indicators that market has bottomed are still missing.


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Japan Airline’s CEO Slashes his Pay Below the Pay of Pilots

via Flixxy

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Dylan Ratigan: Fuld Was Not Alone

CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, host of ‘Fast Money’ and ‘Closing Bell’, tells TSC’s Debra Borchardt that Dick Fuld isn’t the only bank CEO to be blamed for the financial meltdown.

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