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Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension

Nova discusses fractals, and the significance for various disciplines, such as Physics, mathematics and even markets:

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In five parts:

They’re odd-looking shapes you may never have heard of, but they’re everywhere around you—the jagged repeating forms called fractals. If you know what to look for, you can find them in the clouds, in mountains, even inside the human body.
running time 11:36

In 1958, Benoit Mandelbrot begins using computers to explore vexing problems in math. They help him to understand repeating patterns in nature in an entirely new way. He coins the term fractal to describe them and develops the Mandelbrot set in 1980.
running time 9:51

Though many colleagues initially scorned Mandelbrot’s work, his mesmerizing fractal images launched a popular culture fad. More importantly, his book The Fractal Geometry of Nature explained how his ideas could be applied in the real world. Mandelbrot’s ideas inspire an ever-increasing number of applications, including the fractal antenna.
running time 10:40

Fractal patterns turn up everywhere in biology, from the irregular rhythm of the heart to basic eye function. The fractal nature of such physiological processes, which obey simple mathematical rules, offers hope of better diagnosis and treatment of problems as well as new insights into how such processes work.
running time 10:15

With carbon dioxide levels around the world rising, a team of American scientists travels to a rain forest in Costa Rica. They employ fractal geometry to analyze how much CO2 the rain forest can absorb.
running time 7:52

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Ben Bernanke, Please Send Me Some Green!

Hat tip: Calculated Risk

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Did You Know? 2.0

Fascinating set of data points:

Did You Know; Shift Happens – Globalization; Information Age

(Version .0)

Techno Version (right here, right now)

Did You Know? 2.0
FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2007

Did You Know?

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Whassup !

First watch this:

Then watch this:

Did they actually get all the same actors for th 2nd one? That’s pretty wild!

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Juan Enriquez at Pop!Tech: Debt Crisis and the Future

Via my pal Paul Kedrosky comes this intriguing video:

Juan Enriquez (2008) Pop!Tech Pop!Cast from PopTech on Vimeo.

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President Bush and Home Ownership

There was an editorial in IBD this week, mistitled, Why The Mortgage Crisis Happened. Funny thing is, they somehow overlooked these speeches below.

The pandering and disinformation campaign of the far right are looking more and more like the death spasms of an intellectually bankrupt ideology . . .

A Home of Your Own, by President Bush, May 17, 2002

President Bush 2002 Speech Encouraging More Lending Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac

President Bush Discusses Homeownership Financing August 31 2007

Why The Mortgage Crisis Happened

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Behold…The Decabox!

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Fear vs. Facts on Lehman

Einhorn & Ritholtz vs Gasparino and Fuld:

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The Oil of the Future

WSJ’s Russell Gold looks at offshore drilling in Brazil where future crude may come from. (Oct. 29)

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Peter Schiff on Bloomberg October 28, 2008


Part II

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