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G20 Summit Leaders endorse goals

President Bush says summit leaders have agreed to a number of terms to coordinate and modernize their financial systems in the hopes of keeping the global economic crisis from getting worse.

G20 Summit Leaders Endorse Goals


Obama statement on G20 Summit


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T. Boone Pickens on The Daily Show

NOTE: Pickens was an opponent of non-Alternative energy for many years, prior to his recent conversion. He also was the primary funder of the Swift Boat Veterans political smear campaign.

T. Boone Pickens wants to use our resources in America to end our dependence on foreign oil.

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Economist Milton Friedman on Charlie Rose

Is Milton Friedman the next economist whose once lauded reputation may soon slide ?

57 min – Dec 26, 2005

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Discussing the Great Depression

Dorothy Womble and William Hague survived the Great Depression. They share their story


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Nassim Taleb: Portfolio Theory is ‘Hogwash’

Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable,” talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Ken Prewitt about quantitative finance, the failings of business schools and his investment strategy.

Nassim Taleb Says Portfolio Theory is `Hogwash’
Bloomberg, Nov. 7 2008

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Broke: The New America Dream

I have a few brief cameos in Michael Covel’s new documentary:


Mike’s site is here

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Ron Paul on Global Economic Summit

The Congressman discusses the G-20 summit taking place in Washington this weekend that will address the global monetary system.

Hat tip Lew Rockwell

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Baron Von Moneypants

Amusing Daily Show video on the original bailout:

I suspect this entire bailout is going to look embarrassing in the near future.

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Mortgage Mess

Once again we’re closing the barn door after the horse is out and gone. In Washington, the Federal Reserve has finally acted to stop some of the predatory lending that exploited people’s need for money. And like Rip Van Winkle, Congress is finally waking up from a long doze under the warm sun of free market economics. But it’s waking to a nightmare.

Meanwhile, the Feds’ clamp-down on predatory lending has come too late for millions of Americans who have already lost their homes. The pain for them is real. They’re hurting badly, and so are their communities. You can see the whole picture in one neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. Producer Peter Meryash and correspondent Rick Karr take us there.

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Mortgage Mess
Bill Moyers
PBS, July 18, 2008

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Who Gets Bailed Out Next?

Paulson will now use half of rescue plan for consumer loans; Democrats want help for car makers struggling to survive; Lawmakers, economists differ on bailout for car makers; Analysis by Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D) Ohio.

Via Bloomberg

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