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Stiglitz, Conard Debate Income Inequality

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Is Cash the New Black?

Every year, American Express publishes an in depth “Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America.” The 2012 version is notable for the attitudinal differences between the top 1%, 10% and everyone else (aka the 90 or 99%). A few quick bullet points: • Incomes up 6% for top 1% in 2011. Slightly lower among everyone…Read More

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1% vs. Average American

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How To Get A Promotion

I really like the clean layout and color scheme of this infographic. Whenever I think about redesigning the site, I start noticing this sort of stuff: > Click to enlarge: Source: How To Get A Promotion Business Insider

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What Did the Top 1% of Earners Major In ?

From College Online: The figures are out … The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey college recently released a report on the majors of the top American earners. According to the American Community Survey, the college degrees that give you the best shot at reaching the 1 percent are pre-med, economics, biochemistry, zoology and biology. What…Read More

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Employment Chart Palooza

Today’s Employment chart madness from Ron Griess of the Chart Store.

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Tearing Apart January 2012 NFP data

Despite the cries of the permabears and Rick Santelli, this was unequivocally a strong NFP report. The headline numbers were 243,000 net jobs, as unemployment dipped to 8.3%. The Labor Pool increased — suggesting that the improvement was not the usual employee retirement and discouraged worked giving up looking for work. When we go beneath…Read More

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NFP: Outliers Are Where Investing Risks Lay

Today we find out just how seasonal those 200,000 new jobs were in December 2011. Consensus is for employment to grow by 140,000 — about par with population growth. Unemployment is expected to be unchanged at 8.5%. As I am so fond of writing, no single month’s NFP matters all that much — focus on…Read More

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The Original 99% Movement

Top Military Man Invokes the Occupy Movement in 1933 General Butler addressed the Bonus Army in Washington D.C. in 1933, as they “occupied” D.C. to demand compensation for their service to the country: Smedley Butler from Louis Proyect on Vimeo. General Butler invoked the 99% movement, telling the veterans: We are divided, in America, into…Read More

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OECD Report: Linking Income Distribution With Growth

˜˜˜ Source: Bloomberg Brief January 24, 2012

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