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World Top Incomes Database


The chart above shows how far things have moved off their traditional ratios in terms of US incomes. The top 1% are earning more income, and keeping more of it, than anytime since the roaring 1920s.

This fascinating set of data points via the Paris School of Economics (referred to us by Invictus!). You can access this via their website and slice and dice the income data by nation, income percentile, etc. anyway you like.

As the Authors note:

The world top incomes database aims to providing convenient on line access to all the existent series. This is an ongoing endeavour, and we will progressively update the base with new observations, as authors extend the series forwards and backwards. Despite the database’s name, we will also add information on the distribution of earnings and the distribution of wealth. As the map below shows, around forty-five further countries are under study, and will be incorporated at some point (see Work in Progress).

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US Personal Income, 1969-2009

From Fast Company, the last of our NFP/Wages graphics: > click for larger graphic > BLS releases NFP report is tomorrow at 8:30 am

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Comparing Wages Across the U.S.

Click for interactive map > NFP week continues here at TBP. Our latest chart p0rn: This WSJ interactive map of wage growth (or the lack thereof) across the US of A > Source: Comparing Wages Across the U.S. Sara Murray WSJ, May 25, 2011

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Fade the Inflation Hysteria

Tons of talk and pixels being spilled over the imminent inflation threat.  It bears an eerie resemblance to what we heard from the likes of Jerry Bowyer and Art Laffer two years ago.  I’d fade it now, exactly as I suggested back then (here and here, the latter piece co-authored with Bonddad): Exhibit A —…Read More

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The Pay at the Top

Following our QOTD is this interactive graphic from the Sunday NYT showing the relative compensation of 200 chief executives: > click for interactive graphic > Source: The Drought Is Over (at Least for C.E.O.’s) DANIEL COSTELLO NYT, April 9, 2011

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Ryan v Obama: Some Chart Porn

UPDATE DEUX: Heritage has now revised its numbers — see post above at 18:13 Eastern. UPDATE: Apparently, in one document that can be found here, Heritage has simply disappeared the line item in which the unemployment rate falls to 2.8 percent by 2021.  The document states: “Updated as of April 6, 2011 at 11:04 a.m. EST,”…Read More

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Income vs Education

Via Good, comes this graphic looking at the relationship between education and income: > click for larger graphic

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Putting an end to Wall Street’s ‘I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone’ bonuses By Barry Ritholtz Washington Post Saturday, March 12, 2011; 6:08 PM > Want to reform Wall Street bonuses? Try clawbacks. That’s right. We need to make executives personally liable for their reckless bets if we want to remove the risk for taxpayers….Read More

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Rank & File Compensation on Wall Street

I was working on a column for the Washington Post on the IBGYBG Wall Street bonuses, when my partner Kevin Lane (the wizard behind the FusionIQ algorithms) pointed me to this article — Compensation 2011: Your definitive guide to advisor compensation across the industry — published at On Wall Street. Its a little “inside baseball,”…Read More

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Who Were the Top 10 Most Over-Compensated Executives?

I’ve written about bank and Wall Street execs who got paid large, then bailed after they destroyed their firms. • Lehman Brothers Chairman and CEO Richard Fuld Jr. sold nearly a half-billion –$490 million – from selling LEH stock in the years before Lehman filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy • Countrywide Financial (now owned by…Read More

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