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First Look At US Pay Data, It’s Awful

The latest long term update on employment and wage data is out, and its not remotely pretty:

The figures from payroll taxes reported to the Social Security Administration on jobs and pay are, in a word, awful.

There were fewer jobs and they paid less last year, except at the very top where, the number of people making more than $1 million increased by 20 percent over 2009.  The median paycheck — half made more, half less — fell again in 2010, down 1.2 percent to $26,364. That works out to $507 a week, the lowest level, after adjusting for inflation, since 1999.

The number of Americans with any work fell again last year, down by more than a half million from 2009 to less than 150.4 million.

The chart shows the specifics of changes in employment and income; If you want to know why the OWS protests are finding resonance, look no further than this:


First look at US pay data, it’s awful
David Cay Johnston
Reuters, October 19, 2011

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Occupy Wall Street Must Occupy Congress, AG offices

There is an unfocused financial rage in the United States. It was born in the late 1990s on an unholy trinity of accounting swindles, the dotcom collapse and analyst scandals. It grew on a housing boom and bust that created 5 million (and counting) foreclosures, leaving more than a quarter of bank financed homes worth…Read More

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Income Gain Distribution 1917-81; 1982-2000; 2001-08

Here is an interesting interactive tool that lets you look at different year ranges based upon societal gains in income, and how they got distributed. Fascinating to see the shift over the past century: > 1917-81: Bottom 90% captured 69% of income gains > 1982-2000: Bottom 90% captured 23% of income gains > 2001-2008: Bottom…Read More

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Huge Employment Chart Roundup

Ron Griess of the Chart Store goes mad with this enormous collection of employment related chartage:






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Conservative Concern: Runaway Inequality Will Destroy Economy

Conservatives and Liberals Agree: Unparalleled Levels of Inequality Is Killing Our Economy and Society Leading economists agree that rampant inequality leads to unstable economies and depressions, and makes the middle and lower classes poorer. While the stereotype is that liberals care about inequality and conservatives don’t, that is actually a myth. As Canada’s conservative National…Read More

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The Census Bureau released its annual report on Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage: 2010 (full PDF)  this morning.  Barry has posted the slide presentation that staff went through during the conference call over in the Think Tank (please have a look).  The (very ugly) bullet points from the release can be found here, and the…Read More

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Census: Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage: 2010

2010 Report Plot Points

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WP: Special Report on “Breakaway Wealth”

There is a huge Washington Post special report on Breakaway Wealth in the US. More than most other industrialized nations, the US has seen the top 0.1% compensated in vastly disproportionate numbers versus the rest of the populace. There are at least several reasons to be concerned about this, beyond basic fairness: 1) Nations that…Read More

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Breakdown: August 2011 NFP Data

Some asterisks on this job number, but overall, quite weak, and a continuation of the downtrend for the 4th consecutive month. This was the weakest NFP report in almost a year. A Verizon strike is the key asterisk to this report — that shed 45k employed from the overall picture. Lets breakdown the August data….Read More

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The Heart of the Matter

Some of the factors that have landed us in the mess we’re in have been building for decades, and there’s ample evidence on which to draw to demonstrate that fact.  In looking at a few of these issues, I’ll draw on some charts I’ve presented both here and elsewhere before.  A couple are replicated from this outstanding study in…Read More

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