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What Can You Expect to Earn in the Valley?

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What Can You Expect to Earn in the Valley?

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In Deficit Dilemma, Pain Looms for Middle Class

The national deficit is too great for entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare to escape unharmed. That means an impact is looming on many Middle Class Americans who may not be expecting it. WSJ’s Neil Hickey reports.

July 12, 2011

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Income Distribution Across the World’s 7Billion

This interactive Nat Geo chart shows the distribution of income around the globe: > Click into interactive map for more information Source: National Geographic, The World of Seven Billion

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2011 U.S. Metro Wealth Index

Curious about changes in the highest income demographics? Cap Gemini has all of the details. Most of America may be treading water, but the High Net Worth Individuals are kickin’ it old school! > click for ginormous graphics

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Payroll Withholding Tax Wobbles

Lets catch up with what Matt Trivisonno is seeing over at his Withholding-Tax data crunching site, The Daily Jobs Update: Federal withholding-tax collections over the last four workweeks came in only slightly above the corresponding period from 2010. Total collections were $126.25 billion versus $125.59 billion – only $659 million more. > > That’s the…Read More

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Household Net Worth (Total Wealth, RE)

The Chart Store had a fascinating series of charts this weekend looking at Household Net Worth in a variety of ways:


Household Net Wealth Relative to GDP


Household Net Wealth Relative to Peak and Trough


Housing charts after the jump

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JOLTS: 7 Applicants Per Job Opening

At this morning’s conference, someone asked a question about Wages, and I was reminded of this chart. > click for larger chart via David A. Rosenberg & Gluskin Sheff > With that sort of ratio, upwards Wage pressure is likely to be non-existent (exceot for specific skillsets . . . Dave adds: As the chart…Read More

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Hours of Labor Required to Buy One Unit of Gold or Oil

These three charts are pretty cool (courtesy of The Chart Store) — they show many hours you need to work in order to buy one unit of each of these — Oil, Gold and the4 CRB Commodities Index. This introduces another element to commodity pricing — relative wage gains. > click for larger charts

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World Top Incomes Database

> The chart above shows how far things have moved off their traditional ratios in terms of US incomes. The top 1% are earning more income, and keeping more of it, than anytime since the roaring 1920s. This fascinating set of data points via the Paris School of Economics (referred to us by Invictus!). You…Read More

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US Personal Income, 1969-2009

From Fast Company, the last of our NFP/Wages graphics: > click for larger graphic > BLS releases NFP report is tomorrow at 8:30 am

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